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Guide For Quitting Nicotine In a Few Months

By DavidKoller More Blogs by This Author

People get back to smoking within a very short time frame of quitting, mostly because they lack a clear strategy. You need to understand how smoking works in order to quit it for good. Here are some steps to help guide you through the process.

Make the decision

Before you can stop smoking, you first need to decide that you really want to stop. While this might sound easy at first, its never that simple. You can decide to stop smoking any time you want, but that doesnt mean that youre actually going to put the pack down or say no to a cigarette. In many cases, the decision doesnt last long enough to impact ones smoking habits.

The key is to really put your foot down and make a concrete decision. Dont decide to stop smoking after finishing your last cigarette and waiting for the craving to kick back in. Your best bet would be to pick a date and stick to it. Give yourself an ultimatum for your smoking. Motivate yourself with savings, health benefits, or whatever else comes to mind, and let it guide you through the quitting process. When you make your decision, it has to be something that will last.

Understand relapse risks

Smoking creates a pretty bad physical addiction to nicotine. You start to crave a smoke every once in a while because your body feels like it needs it. However, this is something a lot of people can get over with a bit of effort and distraction. The problem is, its not just the physical aspect of the addiction that you need to watch out for.

Theres also a psychological element that can keep the addiction going for quite a while longer. Think about all the situations that make you want to grab and smoke a cigarette. Is it something that you usually do during work breaks? After a tough day, you might be tempted to smoke just to calm your nerves.

Drinking your morning coffee probably goes great with smoking a cigarette or two. These situations are relapse risks and you need to recognize them before youdecide to quit smoking. Hardly anyone is a strong enough character to resist every temptation that comes swinging by, which is why it helps to mitigate the risk in advance. Give up a few of these risky situations and you wont be tempted to smoke as often, giving you some breathing room.

Keep substitutes on hand

Thorough planning and a strong will might not be enough to get you past this addiction. Its a habit that affects us both physically and psychologically. When youre craving a smoke, its not just the nicotine you lack. Its also an oral addiction that will leave you wanting a cigarette on your lips from time to time. This is why a lot of ex-smokers substitute cigarettes with something else.

This can be just about anything thats healthier than cigarettes. A lot of younger people will turn to vaping and e-cigarettes to avoid cravings. Its easier to stop byHoopers Vapour for a healthier dose of nicotine than it is to quit cold turkey. Plus, you have lots of flavors to choose from that will keep you busy.

Others will choose some more traditional quitting options. Gum, raw vegetables, and straws are some of the most common choices. They help keep your mouth busy and your mind off of cigarettes.

Tell your friends

When you decide toquit smoking, theres no reason to keep it to yourself. You should share your decision with your close friends and family. This can be helpful for a variety of reasons.

For starters, youre going to get a lot of support for your decision. Even smokers know that smoking is bad for you, so you wont see any negativity coming from friends that smoke. Theyll gladly remind you to stick to your guns whenever it gets tough and youll enjoy a positive and helpful environment throughout the quitting process.

Youll also get a bit of pressure to quit telling people. When nobody knows that youre quitting, you can go back to smoking any time you want. When you definitively decide to tell people youre leaving the addiction behind, theyll expect you to stick to it. You wont be judged for failing, but its something you dont want to happen in front of others. Its not a very positive way to motivate yourself, but it works.

Leaving cigarettes behind isnt a very easy process. This is why so many people remain smokers even when they arent particularly fond of them. Its easy to fall back on the habit, even after staying clear of cigarettes for a while. This is why its so important that you take some crucial steps to make sure you quit them for good. The above examples can help you better cope with quitting long-term, which is why you should consider following them.

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