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Functional medicine and how it can improve your quality of life

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The approach of functional medicine is integrative as well as personalized. Thus, it has proved to be effective in the management, control, and prevention of many chronic diseases and disorders.

Unlike what you have heard people saying that this branch of medicine aims at rejecting the likes of conventional treating methods and replacing them with a different approach, this is not the case. Experts say that functional medicine strives to build itself up upon the platform of conventional medicine.

Pillars of functional medicine

The approach to this method of treatment depends on the following important aspects, namely:

1. Patient-centric care

If you have approached a functional medicine practitioner, the professional will first listen to your problem, relate the same to the symptoms, and take into account the duration. Once he or she can understand the development process of the symptoms, you can get personalized treatment plan that will address the issue you are facing. This has better chance of treating the exact ailment.

2. Science-based treatment methodology

Right from the effect of genetics on the symptoms to the impact caused by your lifestyle and mode of living, the medical practitioner will take all into account. It is rightly called the inside-out approach. Also, he will take into account if you are suffering from any physiological imbalances. In conventional treatment methods, the doctors only pay heed to the symptoms. But in this approach, they also consider how the mind, body, and spirits impact the symptoms and your overall health

Experts have successfully treated many such patients, and the results have been laudable. To know more about it, you may get in touch with Active Edge Functional Medicine Columbus.

3. Utilizing the best medical practices from conventional treatment methods

You will find that the functional medicine practitioner makes use of various treatment techniques from across the world. The main aim is to achieve the following: -

  • To prevent the symptoms related to chronic disease symptoms by incorporating the elements of essential nutrition, lifestyle changes, and exercise regime.

  • To utilize the latest diagnostic methodologies, which also means making use of the new laboratory testing procedures.

  • Offering a solution that can involve remedies ranging from lifestyle changes, medications, administering diet supplements or therapeutic diet plans, detox regime, and implementing various techniques for stress management.

How will you benefit from functional medicine?

Chronic disease means that it is a long-term discomfort that you are facing. If the doctor cannot heal it fully, he or she can at least manage it so that it can positively impact your lifestyle.

For preventing the onset of any disease, the approach is to "balance the core clinical attributes" that are causing the symptoms. And if the disease process has already begun, the main aim is to arrest it right there to prevent further progression.

To treat with functional medicine, the patient and the doctor work in tandem to achieve the treatment objectives. There is active participation of the patient too.

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