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February 19, 2008 at 7:31 AMComments: 8 Faves: 0

Does Endometriosis Cause Weight Gain?

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There are no studies that directly correlate weight gain and endometriosis. However, many women with endometriosis also find they have gained weight. How do we explain this link?

What is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a condition where the endometrium, a tissue which lines the inside of the uterus, also is found outside the uterus. The endometrium is the tissue that develops when an egg is produced from the ovaries and will house the egg after fertilization. If the egg is not fertilized, it, along with the endometrium, is flushed from the body during your menstrual flow, or period. In cases of endometriosis, the tissue is located outside the uterus, although it still undergoes the same building up and breaking down process. When it bleeds outside the uterus, it can irritate the surrounding area and cause adhesions or cysts. Endometriosis can be very painful and quite severe, although severity of endometriosis doesn't necessarily mean severe pain. The endometriosis can be very small and cause a great deal of pain; it all depends on where it's located and the anatomy of the woman.

Where Is Endometriosis Found?

Endometriosis is usually found near the uterus and ovaries, although in some cases it can be found in or around the bowels and bladder. Very rarely is it found in other parts of the body, though this is possible.

Endometriosis and Weight Gain

There is no study that says endometriosis directly causes weight gain. However, women with endometriosis often experience some weight gain. We must look beyond the condition to determine why these women may gain weight

Current Treatment for Endometriosis

Current treatment for endometriosis usually involves the use of hormone pills such as birth control to slow or ease the occurrence of the condition. Birth control pills are commonly known to cause at least minor weight gain, and for some women, more severe weight gain. Since endometriosis can cause severe pain and cramping, especially during menstruation, women with the condition may not be as active as other women. Doctors recommend exercise for everyone, but it is suggested that exercise can especially ease symptoms of menstruation and endometriosis. Often though, the last thing a woman with severe cramping wants to do is get up and exercise..

Coping With Endometriosis

It is important that women with endometriosis find ways to deal with their symptoms. Try to exercise between painful periods, and see if this will ease some symptoms. Women with endometriosis often experience bouts of depression and anxiety, which can also lead to weight gain. Consider a support group or therapist to deal with the often frustrating side effects of your condition. Learning healthy coping strategies will go a long way to alleviate the emotional side effects you may experience.


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  • Hi Jennifer,

    Although there is a theory that getting the tubes tied will inhibit endometriosis, there are a number of women who will testify otherwise.

    It appears that the fluid can still cause problems even when the tubes are "blocked". And as long as the ovaries are still there, hormone production continues and the endometriosis can return.

    You might want to consider getting a second opinion if your own doctor is not really meeting your needs. In the meantime, try things at home, like warm baths and a heating pad, which can help relax pelvic muscles, and reducing cramping and pain.

    All the best!

  • i had my tubes tide like 11 months agoand have had symptoms of endometriose every sence and its getting worse everyone i know that has had theres tide have endometriose and said i needed to be checked so i plan on it.

  • From what I have found out about Endo is this:

    If you have your ovaries you will continue having Endo because the Endo feed on the Estrogen that your body produces. The Endo even is affected by food that turns into estrogen, like broccoli. If you have Endo then more than likely you are estrogen dominant and are also able to have estrogen migraines. Once I got my ovaries out... No more pain or migraines. Because I had all three types of Endo I had to take out my Uterus which I can now have sex without pain. Now only if I can figure out if because of the damage the Endo has done to me internally when will I be able to lose weight easier.?

  • I do believe that the lack of activity can contribute to weight gain. Also, the connection between taking hormonal based treatments and endometriosis weight gain cannot be overlooked. Also, women with endo can feel quite depressed which can lead to comfort eating (possibly). Sometimes there is no logical explanation-one lady I know "ballooned" when diagnosed and she wasn't doing anything different. Natural treatment can also help as an alternative to conventional hormonal meds.

  • I was just told by my new doctor that I have adenomyosis, we figured this out by me getting an MRI done. Now , after the MRI considering they gave me this stuff through an IV, which made my stomach become very bloted. I have been putting on so many pounds since, which is very scarey, I have has dizziness, nausea, and a terrible headach that jsut wont go away. My doctor wants me to get my uterus removed, which I dont want to do(IM Scared). But I have had my tubes tied for about 6 1/2 years.

  • Hello my name is Bobbie about 3 months ago i found out that i have endomertios and i'm 27 years old and have no kids and i just got married June the 23 i would like to have a baby before we get to old, I have a 9 year old step daughter and she is mine but i would still like to have her a baby brother or a baby sister but i dont think i will be able to have her one. Like I said it has been 3 months snice i found out that i have it and all of my pain and my belly looking like i am 9 months or getting ready to have a baby just any time i have had i dont know how many people walk up to me and say when are you due? what are you haveing? Then i have to tell them i'm not and i can not have any.
    I have went to two doctors over the past 6 years and the one knew what i had and would not tell me and wanted to take allmy female parts out and i went to a other doctor and see if he thought the same as the first doctor and he is the one that found it,He told me that he has to put me on a meds that would cause me not to have my monthly but i will still have it until all that gets out of my cervixs andit is also on my back side. I guess if this meds does not work then he is going to take all of my female parts out.
    Can someone relate to me of not having a kid and they really want one and they dont want thier female parts took out.
    This is what one doctor told me after i went and they told me what i had and i ask him "Do you think that I will be able to have kids after i get done with the treatment?" He said that is something i can not tell you you'll have to leave that in gods hands. he said you have had this growing inside you for 6 years now and each time it gets bigger and bigger over time with it untreated, Every night I go to bed with my husband and pray every night that god will let me have a little girl or boy for my husband and little girl.

  • Bobbie; I know how you feel, except I am not ready to have kids just yet. I turn 23 next week and Im still in school ,but I have gone to a fertility specialist because I have had 2 surgeries for endo and was worried about being infertile. No matter what age ,being diagnosed with endo is such a hard thing to deal with and it doesnt help that doctor's everywhere are still trying to learn what causes it.You go through so much stress and it really wears your body out, which doesnt help if you are trying to concieve . I have been through lupron injections, pills and now depo. The worst thing about the depo is I have gained 40 lbs and get very depressed. But anyways both times I had surgery my dr said she might take my left ovary. I prayed she wouldn't because it doesnt just double my chances of getting pregnant but having both ovaries while still in my 20's makes me almost feel like a normal woman.I think if you are determined to have a child that you will.I believe God gives certain women endo because he knows that they are strong and can get through it. There have been plenty of days before I found out I had it that I thought I was going to die from all the pain , but in the end I'm still standing and no matter how hard it is I believe that I can have children. I will of course just need a little help from the fertility specialist but thats ok I dont mind. So stay positive because there are a lot of options out there and dont' let anyone tell you to get a hysterectomy unless its life or death,just find yourself a fertility specialist you really like that has a lot of experience with endo patients and one who doesnt just care about a paycheck . Best of Luck!

  • Regarding having children and living with endometriosis, I have been living with this since I was in my early teens and have been able to get pregnant 4 times without trying. I have only two children which I had one very young and the second ten years later. Pregnancy helps with the side effects of endo. and is not impossible. I have been on several hormone therapies and found that the I.E.D-intra endometrium device has worked very well. Although I am quite sure even though it has slow release hormone over the 5 years. I suffer from depression and weight gain. I also know that two weeks of the month I am fine and two weeks I am a crazy person. I would like to have a hysterectomy but the doctors would rather treat me with the hormones than give me the hysterectomy. I am frustrated and sick of how these hormones affect my life!

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