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Creative uses for Postage Boxes

By Paul Smith More Blogs by This Author

The best thing about boxes is their recycling nature. The strong and sturdy nature of postage boxes makes them widely consumed as compared to other boxes because these boxes take the charge of providing protection of the encased products from any kind of damage and loss. Their long-lasting feature makes them distinctive and appreciated by the consumers. We can utilize the boxes for storage purposes and many other uses. All that it takes is some creativity and hard work. There are a few uses illustrated below that may be helpful for you or you can think of some other uses by having a look at these efficiently, professionally and exceptionally recycled boxes.


Do you like gardening but do not have much space for placing flower pots in your garden or do you not have a garden at all? If yes, then there is nothing that can stop you from fulfilling the desire of having a small garden at your balcony. These sturdy cardboard boxes are competent in protecting your sensitive and fragile mini-plants, flowers or even vegetable plants without affecting them in any way. All you have to do is to lock the bottom enclosure of these boxes with glue or adhesive tape and your box is ready to serve your gardening need. The material of these boxes is capable of bearing humidity levels to some extent.

Children toys

For parents who are afraid of buying plastic toys that are not good for their children health do not have to be worried about it anymore. If you have some good boxes available at your house you can make the toys for your kids by yourself in any size, shape, and designs. These self-made toys are helpful for your child to learn different colors, shapes, vegetable and fruit names, alphabets, and mathematical sums like addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. Cut the box into small pieces and then cut them into your desired shape. Color them in different tints and ask your child to pick the color and shape you say. Another way is to write alphabets in both small and capital letters and ask your child to write the name by placing correct alphabets in a row. You can also draw the shapes of fruits and vegetables and tell your child to recognize the summer and winter special fruit or vegetable. This is not only a fun way to teach your children the basic knowledge but also lets you spend some time with your kid in todays busy life where no one can manage to spend time with their family.

Children toys

Cardboard table mats

Protecting and cleaning the furniture in the current time is one of the most time taking procedure. You cannot just standby with a paper towel or a dusting cloth in your hand and start cleaning whenever something goes wrong. The best and efficient solution for protecting your glass tables, couches, and bedside tables from the tea, coffee, or any drink stain is to make the small table mats out of the extra boxes available in your house. All you need is a scissor, glue and a beautiful wrapping sheet for the wrapping of these small circular mats. Cut them according to the size of your cups or glass bottom part dimensions, then cut the wrapping sheet into the desired shape and size and then use the glue for pasting the sheet on these self-made circular table mats. If you use the PVC lamination sheet for covering the cardboard, these paper table mats automatically become waterproof.


Your customized postage boxes are not useless once they have served the purpose they are made for. You can make the most out of these boxes by making alterations in their sizes, cutting them into small and desired shapes and making small tags from them. If you are fond of book reading and do not have any bookmark, do not worry about it, the box you think is useless is going to be the most useful bookmark you are looking for. Cut the box into two small strips, attach them together by using glue and paint it into your favorite color and your bookmark is ready to serve your educational needs. Same like if you are a working person and forgot to buy a small card for pasting it on the gift box, you can make a very effective, cost-efficient and easily made bookmark in a blink of an eye from the cardboard box placed in your shoe cupboard and write a wish on it and paste it on the box. These customized wishing tags worth more than the tag that is purchased from the market.

Crafting was never this easy

There is no need to purchase the expensive color pallet from the market when an extra postage box available in your house can be transformed into an amazing color pallet along with a thumb hole that lets you handle the pallet with ease. The double layer along with a small zig-zag patterned corrugated boxing material helps you in your painting requirements. You can cut these boxes into any shape, color, style but you should let it be in its original color.


Party Decor

Now throwing a big party in a small budget is not an issue anymore. If you are worried about the dcor that is going to be purchased from the supermarket that includes hanging flowers, photo frames, trees or distinctive shapes. The reason why these decorating items are being discussed in detail is you can make all of these products without spending a single penny. You do not need to go to the party dcor shop anymore, all you need is some time, exciting ideas, colors, a scissor, and glue or adhesive tape. You can make several decorating items in a blink of an eye. If you are throwing a spring party you can make flowers from these boxes and color them into red, green, yellow or any other color you like. If you are organizing a Christmas or Halloween party you can make customized products accordingly.

Party Decor

There are hundreds of printing services providers in the industry but you can avail the lowest prices if you order postage boxes wholesale in Australia. You can make the most out of these boxes just by implementing a few brilliant ideas.


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