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EU Celebrates 3rd Annual Homeopathy Day — an article on the Smart Living Network
April 26, 2010 at 2:54 PMComments: 0 Faves: 0

EU Celebrates 3rd Annual Homeopathy Day


We couldn't go to Brussels to celebrate Homeopathy Day this spring, but we can still share some conversation and news from this inspiring event!

According to the European Commission, 75% of Europeans are aware of homeopathy as an alternative medical treatment, and of these, 29% choose it for their own health care. With over 100 million Europeans citizens currently using homeopathy in their everyday health care regimen, homeopathy is fast becoming a part of the big picture in health; to integrate a holistic approach with synthetic medicines that are used only when needed.

The 3rd annual EU Homeopathy Day was celebrated March 23, 2010 at the European Parliament in Brussels, building on the success of the past two events. The celebration of Homeopathy Day is a joint initiative of the European associations of patients, doctors, practitioners, pharmacists and industry in the field of complementary and alternative medicine in Europe. The event's slogan, "Homeopathy for a Healthier Europe, because it works for me!" highlights the EU's health care system that allows people to choose their treatment, which has spurred over 100 million people to choose homeopathy - for just as many reasons.

Homeopathy is used for treatment of acute complaints in children, adults and pets, as well as for chronic complaints after consulting a homeopath, and as a complement to conventional treatment. In Europe, tens of thousands of medical doctors and practitioners practice homeopathy, and homeopathic medicines are used by thousands more practitioners as part of a multi-disciplinary practice.

Homeopathy Day focused on the benefits of using Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) and homeopathy - because they have the potential for prevention and restoration of health. Conventional medicine focuses on pharmaceuticals, which manage symptomatology, and surgery, which is the removal or correction of pathology. Homeopathy takes a non-toxic, holistic approach that addresses symptoms while also supporting the body's natural healing processes.

The EU addressed the current concerns with health care at the EU Homeopathy Day in Brussels, which included antibiotic resistance (made worse when antibiotics are used for viral infections, because antibiotics attack only bacteria, not viruses) and patient safety. Conventional medicine has many dangerous side effects, whereas homeopathy is known for its relative safety. Also addressed were prevention, healthy aging, promoting a healthy workforce (both mental health and lack of physical pain) and focusing on mental health for patients by listening and using a holistic approach to their problems.

The EU currently invests large amounts of time and money to research further benefits of CAM and homeopathy, and hopes to continue growing its support base in Europe. Many leaders in Europe do not see conventional medicine as the answer to many of today's health problems; conversely, many believe it to be an inherent part of the problem. When people actively participate in their own health and wellness through natural methods like homeopathy and CAM, their investment will pay off with better overall heath, fewer trips to the doctor, and improved health and well being.


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