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Career Pursuing

By Shawn Joseph More Blogs by This Author

Pursuing means chasing a target. When you pursue something, it means you are going along a path to achieve a destination or to get a target. Career pursuing means building and fostering a job and your role in an industry that you want to work with. Usually, majority of people dont know what they want to do and what is it that they are passionate about? And eventually they start working with something that is completely exhausting for them. To pursue a career it is important that you know your own interests. As Confucius said, choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. Today we are going to discuss the importance of pursuing a career. What you need, to build and develop a successful career and how you can achieve it.

Identify Your Passions:

A vast majority of people are indecisive about their fields of interests and end up getting a job they dont like. These people, when asked about their passions and likings, give answers other than what they do on a daily basis. Their bills are to be paid and other necessities are to be fulfilled. To identify what fascinates you the most and what you need to pursue in your life, follow these steps:

  1. Always remember what you loved as a child. Your truest passions emerge when you dont have to worry about real life pressures and paying your bills. Recall what fascinated you the most in childhood. What sort of stories you liked and what activities you enjoyed the most.

  2. Often, money dictates your choices. You want to be a scientist but end up being a teacher in a high school. Eliminate the money for a while and think. If money wasnt an issue, what would you do? Conduct science experiments? Write a book? Or perhaps travel with your family? Of course money is a major factor, but when you pursue your career in a field you like, you assure yourself a stable financial career along with your personal satisfaction.

  3. Think about the people you like the most. Either they are in your frame of reference or out of it. Try to figure out why you like them and it will help you a lot in identifying your own interests.

  4. Focus on the things youve learnt to do and enjoy as well. Either its teaching or writing. Make a list of things and narrow it down according to your own preference. Keep reviewing it often and use it as a starting point of your career.

How To Develop:

Once you have identified your interests, the next question is how to develop yourself in that particular field. Now youve got a job. But is getting a job your destination or just a beginning of a long journey? Of course you want to go ahead and achieve your dream position. But there are a number of hurdles waiting for you in your professional life. In order to cross these mind forged barriers you need to:

  1. Set a goal: setting your goal gives you a clear vision of your next stop. In order to drive to your destination, you only have to see whats in front of your wind screen. So once you have got your job, think about what your next position should be. Set your immediate goals and even daily work objectives to carry on your journey.

  2. According to a recent survey, almost half of the young professionals want to leave their current jobs and work somewhere else. This happens when you dont have a proactive perspective. To accelerate your career, you must get out of this specific and rigid role defining thing. Organization nowadays need their members to do multitasking and your promotion seriously depends on how good you are at performing small tasks that are not related to your job role directly.

  3. Strike the middle part: this is something you need to adopt in all areas of your life. What does striking the middle part mean? It means to go through the middle or mean point in your dealings. You need to behave in the right manner and being on the mean position of deficiency and excess is the right way. For example, being too much humble will allow people to take you for granted. Whereas, being stern will make them scornful against you.

  4. Learning leads to leading: this is perhaps the most important skill you ought to have, to nurture yourself. Learning is always an ongoing process and it doesnt stop at any time in your life. Always be humble and learn from others. Look up on the internet for assistance. For example if you are pursuing your career as a writer, you can search for best essay help and you will find a number of websites offering their services to nurture your skills.

All over the world, people are observed to pursue their careers and a huge number fails in doing it successfully. These people have a plan in their minds often, but what is more important is the execution of that plan. Thinking results positively, only if its turned into action. Mere thinking does not give any useful outcome except increasing your anxiety and leading you to frustration. Especially in UK, we have seen people struggling to achieve their goals and getting the desired results. A number of writers are seen jobless only because they havent worked enough to foster their writing skills. Their academic skills are not enough to produce what is required in the market. UK academic helpers, one of the best writing assistant services is always a good option to develop your skills and learn more about academic writing.

Pursuing your career in the right direction and in accordance with your interests is as important to your professional life as having oxygen for breathing. If your direction is not set and your vision is not clear you might go astray and end up being an epitome of failure or discontentment.


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