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Basketball State Island: Old Players Sing Praises Of Pick-Up Games


Pickup hoops are vanishing at an alarming rate. You dont see that many young players at the local park playing basketball in the pick-up style anymore. With the arrival of AAU tournaments and the fear of injuries and overuse of muscles, very few players get down on the field to play pick up. Thats why the oldies who play Basketball Staten Island want to explain the benefits of playing pick-up.


Pick Up Basketball is one of the best ways to stay in shape. It doesnt matter whether the playing season is ongoing or not. Whenever you sweat by running up and down the court, you get enough exercise to condition your body. Pick-up games allow you to enhance the stamina of your heart and increase your physical strength. It also aids mental development by building your confidence.


The people who play Basketball Staten Island say that pick-up matches are crucial to the development of aspiring players. As already mentioned earlier, it conditions the player both mentally and physically. It lets you know where you should stack up with your teammates who are older, stronger, more developed, and more experienced than you. Besides, your coach wont be shouting at you during a pick-up game. So, if you make mistakes, you wont have to worry about anybody stopping you, as long as it isnt a foul.

Impacted the NBA players

As a basketball fan, you need to know that Pick Up Basketball games impacted the NBA players when they were younger. They learned the skills that they showcase during professional matches in pick-up matches. Its also the match type that allowed them to fall in love with the game.

Full of fun

Indeed, basketball pick-up games are the ones where you can have the most fun. Its the unofficial playground where the game and the players can retain their innocence. What can be more fun-filled than spending an hour or two or the entire day with your best buddies at the basketball field?

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