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Anabolic Steroid Drugs How to Take Dianabol?

By Shiraz Kahn More Blogs by This Author

Have you ever heard of Dianabol? Its actually the brand name of Metandienone, one of the most prominent anabolic steroid drugs on the market. Bodybuilders and athletes are simply fascinated by the endless list of benefits from taking this compound.

Dianabol is capable of improving both the look and strength of your muscles while maintaining an optimal level of stamina. In fact, numerous online websites, such as, provide useful information on the pros and cons of anabolic steroids in order for users to get knowledgeable prior to making a purchase.

Anyhow, in case youve decided to purchase Dianabol, there is a certain procedure to follow when consuming it.

These are the essential tips to bear in mind when taking Metandienone for the very first time.

Determine the right dosage

The initial factor to consider when determining the right dosage is your previous experience in taking anabolic steroid drugs. Being a newbie indicates commencing your cycle with a low dosage in order to assess its effects on your organism. In fact, a dosage of fifteen milligrams would be optimal for testing your bodys reaction.

Moreover, you should also pay attention to the cycle length, since long periods of time arent convenient for complete beginners. Although regular users take Dianabol during a timeframe of four weeks, you arent supposed to exceed more than two weeks. Also, in the course of your first cycle, youre advised to increase your dosage to a maximum of twenty-five grams daily.

On the other hand, experienced users take a higher dosage, ranging from thirty to fifty milligrams per day. This amount is suitable for longer cycles that last more than four weeks. Anyhow, bear in mind that taking more than fifty milligrams is not considered to be safe for your liver health. Therefore, try resisting the temptation of increasing the daily amount for your own good.

Since Dianabol has a rather short half-life, up to five hours, youre advised to split your dose into four equal parts and take one every five hours. Thus, the drug will be present in your bloodstream throughout the day. Click here to learn more about this anabolic steroid compound, which is also known under the name Metandienone.

Prevent potential side effects

Dianabol is known for provoking stomach problems, accompanied by nausea and exhaustion when taking it on empty stomach. Therefore, in order to avoid such adverse effects, make sure you include this drug into your meal schedule.

Regarding the type of food, you should be eating when using this steroid, a meal rich in proteins would be a perfect choice. Itll further enhance Metandienones muscle growth qualities and provide you with the necessary energy for your upcoming workout.

Another way of preventing potential side effects related to excessive estrogen levels is by using aromatase inhibitors. Since Metandienone is an estrogenic steroid, these inhibitors will prevent its transformation into estrogen, thus maintaining normal levels of the female hormone.

In fact, abnormal levels of estrogen in men are likely to result in gynecomastia and infertility. The former indicates growing breasts due to the unusual secretion of the female hormone, while the latter results from abnormally low sperm count. Also, alleviated estrogen levels may lead to depression.

Furthermore, its common for men to experience suppression of natural testosterone in the course of taking this drug, which is likely to lead to numerous adverse effects. Therefore, men are supposed to take testosterone supplements in order to maintain a hormone balance during the cycle.

Not taking such supplements will probably manifest in sleep disorders, erectile dysfunction, oily skin, or premature hair loss. Also, these supplements will help you induce muscle growth, as low testosterone isnt beneficial for bodybuilders at all.

Take precautions

When taking anabolic steroid compounds, its paramount to take the necessary precautions so as to protect your overall health. For example, you arent recommended to take Dianabol in a period of more than six weeks, as it might cause serious liver damage. Using other substances that have high liver toxicity are also to be avoided during the cycle, as well as after its termination.

Apart from not exceeding the recommended cycle length, youre supposed to consider your pre-existing medical conditions. In case you suffer from high blood pressure or alleviated cholesterol levels, you shouldnt take this drug. There is a high probability of experiencing a heart attack.

The same goes for users suffering from liver problems and diabetes. In the latter case, Dianabol tends to increase the blood sugar level, which could be extremely serious. Visit the following link:, to learn more about the symptoms and treatment of diabetes.

Another important precaution is having a consultation with your doctor. He/ She is the best person to advise you on which medications arent harmful to be used in combination with Metandienone. Make sure you listen to your doctors advice, as consuming a few liver-damaging drugs at the same time may cause great damage to the organ.

The ultimate precaution to consider prior to using this drug is forgetting alcohol. Alcohol consumption is as damaging to your liver as consuming a steroid compound. Taking both of them at the same time would be too much for the organ.

Anyhow, in case you experience difficulties when trying to cut down on alcohol, make sure you at least limit the number of drinks per day. For instance, one would be enough to keep you safe. Visit this page to learn more about alcoholic liver disease.

Wrap up

When taking Metandienone, make sure you determine the right dosage and cycle length.

Its also vital to prevent the most common side effects and take precautions to preserve your overall health!

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