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5 Tips to Start a Travel Startup in Palawan

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If you are one of those persons who love travelling and like to plan and manage the entire process for helping others in having a great travelling experience, then starting a travel startup will be the great idea for you. However starting a travel business is not that easy as it seems like you have to perform the entire planning right from finding the perfect location to getting legal permission and approaching for the investors. But you can do this easily with these tips TOURIST ATTRACTIONS Coron is sharing with you.

How to Open a Travel Agency in Palawan?
Success in the travel industry largely depends on choosing the right niche in the competitive market. So, if you want to be successful you have to spend a sufficient amount of time and efforts into your research, branding and marketing. Though in the modern marketplace, setting up a travel business is highly challenging but with these significant tips, you can nail it.
Lets have a look:

  • Get Familiar about Travel Industry: Firstly, in order to excel in travel business, you need to get yourself familiarized with different aspects of travelling. Try to find as much information as possible by searching on internet or books or local library about air travel, rail travel, Coron Best View Hotels & Resorts and vacation destinations. Along with this, you should know about types of travelling packages popular among customers. You can also contact travel companies.
  • Get Qualified in Travelling: There is a formal training qualification is required if you are thinking to start a career in travelling or tourism. It can boost your travel business. AFTA endorses a certificate III in travel to those who are seeking career in travelling as the entry level qualification. It is essential for any travel agent consultant or front line travel selling staff.
  • Create Your Business Plan: No matter what type of business you are running, effective business plan is essential but it should not only about setting goals but also capable to explain the rough idea what you will be doing i.e. you should go for a detailed plan like what kind of travel business you want? If it is home based, you have to find a host travel agency and if it is your own business, you should prepare a lengthy planning process.

  • Branding is Necessary: Branding is essential for any type of business including your travel startup. It is helpful in creating an image of your company as well as products and services. One of the best ways to nail your branding efforts is to create high quality visuals like Logo designs and brochures or business cards etc. You must ensure about colors and typefaces.

You Should Also Become ATAS Accredited By AFTA
The AFTA Travel Accreditation Scheme is an industry accreditation scheme which provides standards for quality in travel industry. It is committed through ATAS to ensure following travel industry standards in Skylodge Eco Tourism Island Philippines by driving increased participation. In order to become an ATAS accredited, your travel startup is required to have at least 30% of the staff in travel selling position for being capable in holding a certificate III in travel.
This was a brief guide upon starting a travel startup in Palawan by Skylodge Eco Tourism Island Philippines. All you need to follow them and the process of starting a travel business also includes many other steps like know your niche, finding funds and location as well as building customer relationship and other things with legal permission.

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5 Tips to Start a Travel Startup in Palawan article

5 Tips to Start a Travel Startup in Palawan

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