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3 Ways Digital Printing Revolutionized the Printing Industry

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While its definitely quicker to share documents through web and mobile apps and cloud networks, nothing really beats the beauty of having an exceptional piece of marketing material in your hand. Digital printing has revolutionized the ways we are able to continue to create some of the best marketing materials on paper.


If it werent for the technological advancements of digital printing, print marketing would be a dying practice. Instead, digital printing companies allows marketers to deliver high-quality and low-cost marketing materials.


What exactly is digital printing?
Digital printing is a printing method that puts digital images directly onto various materials: paper, window clings, cups, fabric, synthetic materials. Commercial, digital printing services will likely use high-volume inkjet or laser jet printers that use large formats. And what this means is that your message can be created on a computer or smartphone and then printed directly onto the material of your choice. Its basically an alternative to traditional printing methods like lithography, flexography, and the letterpress that do not have such a function for quick production.

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