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20 Things to Do in 2020! — an article on the Smart Living Network
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20 Things to Do in 2020!


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The next year and the next decade have begun. The New Year party was awesome! Some had their plans fulfilled in the past year while many still have them unfulfilled. And this is completely alright! Till the time you had put your hundred percent in the tasks you undertook in the year 19, failing, succeeding or still continuing with it are okay! The results may vary but the efforts should be the best possible in your particular situation.

The years may change, the decades may vary but what remains essential is the desire for attaining good health. Not only do the health supplements you take in determine your health but also the little things you do daily matter to your overall health.

Find 20 Things You are Grateful For!

It is much more than the teachings given in religious texts. Having an attitude of gratitude is the simplest way to improve your satisfaction with life. Saying thank you constitutes good manners and can also make you win new friends, according to a study published in Emotion in year 2014. According to another study published in 2012 in Personality and Individual Differences, grateful people experience fewer aches and pains and they feel healthier than other people. Such people are more likely to take care of their health, exercise more often, and are more likely to attend regular check-ups with their doctors.Therefore, make a list of 20 things you are grateful to and express the gratitude to each of them.

Find 20 Things You Want to Say No to!

Negativity gives you unwanted mental trouble and also makes you physically and emotionally low. Take distance from 20 people or things that create a negative atmosphere in your life.

Keep a Diary and Pen in Your Bag!

You may need them anywhere. Noting things down as and when told makes it easier for your brain to remember them. Good memory is a sign of good health. To further improve your memory take an herbal curcumin supplement designed for the same. It is known as Stresaway Tablet.

Clear the Junk on Your Table and in Your Drawer!

Cleanliness promotes good health. Dusting your area regularly and donating or throwing the things you no longer need is a good idea to begin with promoting cleanliness and good health. Also, timely clean your purse and wallets. Kids shall do the cleaning of their bags by themselves.

Take out 20 Minutes For Self!

The most important thing for good health is to be at peace with oneself. Enjoy 20 minutes of your day in meditating, walking or exercising. Be yourself as no one watches you in those 20 minutes.

Limit the Time on Phones!

Instead of repeatedly scrolling through your facebook, instagram pages; utilize that time in doing a creative thing. You may also close your eyes and give rest to them. It will help in having good eyesight. You may use this time in having a refreshing sleep to have a good sleep.

Be a Happier You!

Everyone wants to work with happy and healthy people. To create a stress-free environment at work, talk nicely and acknowledge the presence of colleagues with a smile on your face. Share ideas with each to improve knowledge.

Set Realistic Goals and Write them Down!

Unrealistic goals put additional mental pressure on your brain while breaking them into realistic aims and writing them down brings you closer to them. This also keeps you mentally healthy and physically alert.

Find a Healthy Herbal Curcumin Tea!

Milk tea causes acidity. Find an herbalcurcumin teaso that it can give more benefits than a simple turmeric tea and can help you in remaining healthy in this year. Preserva Wellness offers a wide range of Worlds first curcumin teas which are healthier than simpleturmeric tea.

Keep Your First Aid Kit Ready!

Get one and keep disinfectants, band-aids, cotton and bandage ready in kit. Replace the expired items from time to time. Emergency cuts and wounds do not warn you before coming.

Plan a Refreshing Trip!

Follow this and Include Daily Boost Curcumin Tea

According to the budget you have and without straining your pocket, plan one trip that would refresh you this year. It may be a solo one or one with friends and family. Mental and physical refreshment promote good health.

Eat More of Home-Cooked Food!

If you have been going on the restaurant-diet for long, come back to home-cooked food. Cook tasty recipes and satisfy your taste buds and health.

Plant Trees in Your Home and Colony!

This would improve your health and health of people around you. Planting trees is good for the planet earth too.

Find Time For Your Hobby!

It may be once a week, but do take time out for your hobby to get happiness. Happiness promotes mental and physical health.

Consume More Plant-Based Food!

Animal-based food increases your risk of diseases such as, heart diseases. Plant-based food decreases your risk of most diseases.

Include Herbal and Ayurvedic Supplements:

To avoid falling in trap of repeated infections, deficiency symptoms and serious diseases, consume herbal and Ayurvedic supplements based on curcumin.Curcumin teais one of them and is better than thebest turmeric tea.

Be More Productive at Work and Home!

Who doesnt like to increase earnings and savings? Try to make lesser mistakes at home and workplace to improve your performance. Better performance gives satisfaction which is essential for improving your health.

Drink More Water, Waste Less!

Keep a water bottle with you to sip in from time to time. Serve the amount of water in glass which you or the other person can drink. Do not waste water.

Learn New Things!

When you keep learning new things, you keep improving your skills and memory. Good memory is a sign of good health. E.g. when you will learn about better options of the best turmeric tea such as herbal curcumin tea and would include it in your routine.

Plan Your Days Routine and Keep Yourself organised!

By planning your day the night before, you save yourself from sudden panics. By keeping yourself organised, you can find an item whenever you need it. Sticking a list of documents on the files also makes it easy for you to take them out when needed. This saves time which can be utilized in activities which promote good health.

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20 Things to Do in 2020! article

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