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10 Good Oral Habits For Kids

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Inculcating good habits in your kids is the great challenge for parents. Habits may relate to behavior or with their own health. One of the good habits is maintaining good oral hygiene. As parents we empathies your situation with kids to make them follow good dental practices and do our best to make your kids self competent for oral hygiene. Off course, healthy mind reside in a healthy body!

We are leading in providing affordable dental clinic in Wellington. If you are worried for your kids teeth alignment or crooked teeth, we have implants center in New Zealand to take care.

Untreated dental disease can cost the childs eating ability, sleep, and disturbed role at home or at school. The unaesthetic look of poor dental hygiene reduces self-esteem and social connectivity of child.

Let's have a look on oral hygiene habits for kids,

# Practice good oral hygiene practice as early as possible.

Cleaning your infant's first teeth with damped and clean clothes after every feed can be a good start. It makes them familiar with oral habits. You can consult dentist Wellington for this.

# Careful brushing

You can start brushing kids teeth with soft brushes using small amount of toothpaste containing florine in it. If you are in New Zealand you can get advice at our affordable dental clinic with top dentist Wellington.

# Teaching kids

When the age of your kid reach 2.5 to 3 years, you may reach your kid proper techniques of brushing with just a little amount of toothpaste. You should encourage their efforts . Gently brush their will role model for them, they just imitate. Introduce floss once they are competent in brushing.

# Examine you water for fluorine content

Make sure you get fluoridated water in your home. It is very essential for teeth. Discuss supplementation of fluorine with your dentist. Consult dentist Wellington for queries related to fluorine supplement in diet.

# Tooth decay and bottle feed

Avoid making your child sleep with bottle feed or pacifier on. Long exposure of teeth to sugar increases the potential risk of tooth decay. So make habit of brushing or rinsing mouth before going to bed .

# Sugar: The Villain

Sugar creates acidity in mouth making favorable condition for bacteria to grow and cause tooth decay. Frequent ingestion of sugary snacks or candies can be risky.

# Book dental visits

Getting your child familiar with dental clinic is good. As doctor can help you and your child you in preventing dental disease. They will have look on developmental problem with tooth. And make you child ready for future visits. We are leading in providing affordable dental clinic visit in Wellington.

# Cavities prevention

Make it clear about dental sealants and fluoride usage to protect teeth grown decay. Sealants can prevent sticking if food on the surface of teeth and fluoride make enamel strong to fight cavities.

#Child's teeth friendly home!

Giving you child a best injury free home is good practice to protect your childs smile. If there is any over gapping or missing tooth in your childs mouth bring them to implant center in New Zealand, Gill dental an affordable dental clinic.

# Heading- Gargle after Every meal

Make sure that your child gargles after every meal he or she takes. Gargling and rinsing the mouth after every meal is important because it helps in removing food particles from mouth and makes your child's teeth bacteria free.

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