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April 3, 2012 at 12:56 PMComments: 5 Faves: 3

Small Yard, Big Garden Dreams? Think Vertical!

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Gardening has always been a passion of mine.

By growing my own vegetables I eat healthier, the quality of my cooking goes way up and above all there's a great sense of satisfaction in nurturing something from seed to plate.

Two years ago however, I moved from my suburban home with a large vegetable garden to a tiny condo in the city and though I do not miss the upkeep of the large home and yard, I do miss my garden. There is nothing better than a fresh homegrown tomato or snapped peas straight from the vine!

The postage stamped size lawn of my condo caused my heart to sink. Would I ever have my own fresh vegetables again? Well, now after two years I have come up with some creative containers and space saving planters that can grow almost anything, anywhere. This years garden is going to be a whopper! They secret?

Think vertically. Growing up instead of out saves space and offers more surface area for growing things.

Here are some creative ideas I have found for gardening in small spaces.

Garden Gate Wall

"The structure of the wall is built of three things: posts to support the wall, wire (hogwire and chicken wire), and Typar. The posts were cemented several feet into the ground to support the large structure. On each side of the posts, a foot apart, the sides of the wall were erected. After the sides were thoroughly wired to the posts and to each other, the wall was filled dirt."

Source: A Knot In Thyme

Woolly Pocket Garden

While this design features rather expensive pre-made hanging garden pockets, a DIY version could easily be constructed sewing a waterproof material on the back of felt pockets. Felt is breathable and allows evaporation, while the waterproof material protects your walls. Check out the DIY tutorial on HERE.

Source: Wolly

Self Watering Recycled Water Bottle Garden

Admittedly, this falls on the ambitious side of the DIY scale, but you have to admit the final product is pretty amazing. Not only does this garden look beautiful, it has built in system for collecting a distributing rain water. A full,detailed guide to building this can be found on HERE.

Source: The Owner Builder Network

Pallet Garden

A very simple and inexpensive vertical garden project! "Water your pallet regularly, they dry out quickly. Pay special attention to the bottom two openings, they seem to be the driest. Fertilize with water soluble fertilizer added to your watering can (follow package instructions for amount and frequency)."

Source: Life on the Balcony

Shoe Organizer Garden

Another vertical garden in the super easy/inexpensive category. "This space saving shoe organizer herb garden uses a fabric shoe caddy to create space for plenty of plants, all in just a few vertical feet."

Source: Birds and Blooms

My garden this summer?

I'm thinking the sky is the limit - perhaps the roof!

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  • I've been working on a garden in a little grocery cart I have, with a container in the bottom and the sides ready for supporting plants that climb. I've seen the shoe organizer idea before and don't have any stationary space to use, but I'm wondering if perhaps I can attach a smaller one to the handle of my cart garden...

  • Wow - Sue some really great ideas! Thanks for sharing your success with us. I especially like the stacked garden with the old dresser.

  • You know, I have a large piece of land to grow whatever I want, but I'm always looking for ways to make it more manageable. It's so much easier to handle daily gardening chores when the plots are small.

    Each of my kids is responsible for a small area of the garden. Maybe some sort of tub or confined space, where outside weeds can't creep in, would make that easier for them!

  • Definitely sprouty! In fact, maybe making weeding easier will let you get away with more garden to take care of ;)

  • I have a small yard and have been trying to start a garden but have had to figure out how to plant veggies that grow in the ground or above, fruit bushes and trees, and then where to put all the herbs which is becoming difficult. This really does have space saving ideas that actually make a yard and garden look even nicer. Thanks for the ideas I will definitely have to try some.

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