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July 6, 2011 at 9:27 AMComments: 2 Faves: 0

Week 5

From the Garden Experiment Blog Series

I can't believe it, but it's already week 5 of the garden experiment!

Over the holiday weekend, the plants soldiered on very well with the good watering job Erin gave them the Friday before. I made sure to come in early Tuesday to give them a bit of extra attention as well though.

The original lettuce is doing really really well; well enough that it's taller than the box when at full attention. Mainly though, it's been drooping and hanging over the lettuce I started at home, which is still alive but not doing nearly as well as I'd like.

The radishes are doing phenomenal, and it's nearly at the point where my radish plants from home and the ones from work are neck-and-neck. They look amazing and we're hoping that they're on course to be picked around the 20th of July.

Based on some web searches and advice from around the office, here are the quick facts on radishes and when to pick them:

  • The variety we're using, Cherry Belle, is usually ready to harvest 25 days after germinating.
  • Eyeballing photos we've seen, the tops will be about 5-7 inches tall/long when harvest time comes.
  • We'll be able to see some of the radish pushing up out of the soil - about a 1 inch sort of disk/chunk - when it's time to pick.
  • The greens can be eaten as well!

I'm also excited to say that a second batch of radishes is established and doing quite well so far! This batch is from a different seed pack and is called Sparkler White Tip. I planted these in a mix of about 65% soil and 35% coffee grounds, and they practically burst out of the ground over the holiday weekend. We have one box that's not doing so well (lettuce and an herb from really old seed packets) that I might convert into a THIRD radish box when it comes time to thin the second one.

For a quick overview of the rest of the garden, here's what we've got:

  • Sweet pea plants are growing taller than ever. We have to strategically move the box quite often because they're going to try crawling up the tomato plants and taking over if we don't get a stick or trellis of some sort soon.
  • Green beans are back, but don't seem to like being thinned and replanted. Hopefully they'll adjust in a few days.
  • Onions are chugging along as usual, as are many of the different herbs and spices and whatnot.

We're also hoping to soon start a small outdoor expansion of our garden, pending permission from the grounds-keeper here at the office. More updates on that, and the indoor garden, in the next weekly blog!

Are you starting your own garden and growing healthy foods of your own? I'd love to hear/read about your garden either in the comments below or in a blog of your very own!

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  • Thanks, Dave! I DID do a good job watering, didn't I?! ;)

    Which reminds me - have you mentioned we use water from our large fish tank in order to share some of the natural "fertilizer" it contains? Or our new fish that are helping to make more of said "fertilizer"?

    My own home garden is also doing pretty well - got a late start this year due to the uncooperative weather, but my corn was "knee-high by the 4th of July" - just like the rhythm says it should be!

    Now, what I need to do is take some pictures and start up a blog about it so I can be cool like you! :D

  • Thanks for the reminder, Erin! Sometimes it's hard to remember what I have and haven't said yet on the blog. Maybe next week or so I'll do a "tip roundup" of all the tips and tricks we've been using so it's in one spot!

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