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June 29, 2011 at 12:49 PMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Week 4

From the Garden Experiment Blog Series

This week I had to make the sad decision that growing plants at home in my apartment just isn't going to work. Without a good window with a fair bit of sun, nothing is going to grow to its full potential.

Last night I prepped my radishes and lettuce from home to bring in today. I'm planning on combining them with the lettuce and radishes going here at the office for better growth potential; the radishes are going to need a lot of space, so they'll be combined in the new big container, and the lettuce should be able to co-exist in one or two of the smaller containers already started.

In looking for ways to be a bit more green, I found out that coffee grounds can be good for radishes and other root vegetables, so maybe when the transplant happens I'll mix in a bit of coffee grounds to see what effect they have.

In other plant news, the green beans are still doing exceptionally well and Erin plans on taking the box home to thin out so the remaining plants will have room and ability to thrive in the box(es). Have no fear though; any plants thinned out will likely make it into a new box or go straight into the ground at her house.

So overall, here are the things I've learned and can share with you all here:

  1. Never plant things in an old coffee pot. My radish plants at home formed a ring of roots that was larger than the mouth of the container they were in, and it required DELICATE SCIENCE AND STUFF to carefully pull the plants away from one another.
  2. Coffee grounds can help plants, but only those that like acidity in the soil. Water down the grounds, use sparingly, or consider composting them first.
  3. Basement level apartments without south-facing windows are not the best place to attempt a garden.

So, that's where we are with the garden this week. Catch you again with more plant-tastic news next Wednesday!

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