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[Garden Experiment] The Garden-splosion

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Today I planned on bringing in two more containers and trying some new plants. I forgot to label them, so they're kind of a mystery, but one will be lemon basil and cinnamon basil, and the other will be peas and radishes.

So I came into the office early, checked on the lettuce (which is doing AWESOME by the way!) and added my two boxes.

Then, just before 9, Erin came in and asked for help bringing something from her car.


Plant Boxes.

10 of them.

Our little one box garden has EXPLODED into a whopping 13 box garden, with a larger box prepped and ready to become number 14! It's unbelievable how much planting we did during our break time, but the plant list includes everything from a few varieties of hot peppers to various flowers, chamomile to cucumbers, and lots more in-between!

I'll be sure to chronicle what happens, growing tips and advice from around the office, and I'm sure Erin will pop in to comment or leave her own blogs on the topic. Plus - of course - I'll be bringing updates on the status of the lettuce plant that started it all.

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