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November 21, 2011 at 2:10 PMComments: 5 Faves: 0

Side Quest 2: Surprise Pumpkin

From the Garden Experiment Blog Series


That's what a pumpkin seedling decided to say to me this weekend.

As you may recall from my last blog, I started an indoor compost bin with earthworms doing the decomposing duty for me. One of the things I threw in was some of the stringy stuff from inside a pumpkin I used to make pumpkin chili. I separated out all of the seeds to try planting next year.

Well, almost all the seeds.

While adding more dry paper to the bin to prevent it from getting too moist and killing my worms, I found a seedling that sprouted from a pumpkin seed that found its way into the bin.

So for now, it's surviving on water in a little shot glass in a warm spot in my kitchen. Within the next few days, I'll make a decision on how to proceed; home vs office, water only (hydroponics?) vs soil, and so on.

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  • Aw I bet that was fun to see a little pumpkin seedling sprouting! What would the benefits/disadvantages be to water only vs. soil? Just wondering because I don't have much knowledge in that area! :)

  • From what I understand, soil has all of the nutrients needed for the plant to grow, whereas hydroponics would require some sort of nutrient mix or fertilizer added to the water. But I believe hydroponics allows a more robust root system since the nutrients and water are just *there* - no work for the plant to get it out of the soil. But don't quote me on that...

  • Starting hydroponics before me??? I am so jealous! Unfortunately, I'm also too lazy to decide what I want to grow in my fish tank, and too stingy to purchase the proper lighting for whatever I may want to grow in my fish tank.

  • Only if by "hydroponics" you mean "a shot glass with a seedling and some water sitting on my stove because I was too lazy to go outside and find some soil".

  • The sprouted plant has clung to life in the tiny shot glass, but certainly hasn't thrived. So I've brought it to the office and officially planted it. The container I picked currently houses a blend of parsley and spinach, and is the one that seems to be doing best of all the parsley/spinach boxes still going. Here's hoping to a pumpkin!

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