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What are Web Applications?


A web application is a type of software whose language is coded to be a web browser and its execution is carried through an Internet browser or an intranet .
Despite the similarity of the terms, do not confuse web application and website, as the purposes of both digital platforms respond to very different needs :

While a website provides information, a web application is focused on performing actions .A web application can belong to a website project, but not the other way around.A web application is composed of a greater number of tasks and functions and are much more complex.A web app can be from a simple email inbox to a complex spreadsheet. So its greatest utility is based on locating information quickly and easily from a website, storing and analyzing data that visitors provide to the sites and in charge of updating the sites where the content changes constantly.
Advantages and benefits of web applications.

It saves time: being easy to manage apps, you can perform tasks without having to download or install additional programs.Data is recovered: the information can be retrieved from any device through the name and password.When hiring a third-party server, the tasks and actions of the software do not consume own resources in your systems.It is compatible with multiple platforms: they only need to have a web browser.There is no virus: the data saved on the app server is not affected by viruses, thanks to its security systems.It is updated continuously and immediately .

No matter what platform or device you use, web apps are present in our day to day helping us to manage all kinds of information . They also facilitate teamwork thanks to the development of their creative design that enriches the user experience .
If you still want to know more about web applications, here are all the types that exist .

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