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Places to Visit to make new Friends in a City

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When moving to a new city, there is the possibility of not knowing anyone in the city, you will most likely feel lonely and feel homesick quite a lot. Making the appropriate arrangementwhen you want to move into a new city is already a tedious task and making friends could make it much more difficult especially if you are not an extrovert but having friends is one of the ways to feel welcomed in a new city, they can be your compass around the city and help you settle-in properly and erase the homesickness. The transition might be a bit tough and would require you leaving your comfort zone. Asides the friends you will make at work or school these are some other places you can visit in your new city to find friends depending on your preference.

Neighbourhood events

It is important to be cordial with at least a few people in your community, being aware of ones community is now more important than ever before. A friend or two in the neighborhood will give you a sense of belonging and a home, they are also a necessity for emergency reasons.

Charity events

This is one way to feel good about yourself by helping others and of course giving back to the community. The focus here is on helping people and people find these spaces as a safe space to bond with other people that share their passion and interest.

Book club

This might not be the right fit for everyone but if you enjoy reading books or you are trying to ignite an interest you should look for a close-knitted book club in the new city that shares similar values and genres as you. They are mostly fun-filled and involve some socialising asides reading books.

Creative classes

You can also make friends while trying to improve yourself. Classescould range from painting, cooking, dancing, yoga, whatever aligns with your interest. Online classes are cool but the thing about the physical classes is the ability to meet people, have discussions about or outside the class

Visit a dog park

Dogs are our best friends, people love dogs so much and naturally draw towards people that own them. They are a good way to start a conversation and you do not even have to own a dog to do this, you can sign up on apps that allow you walk other peoples dogs for a fee.

Religious houses

This is not the right fit for everybody but if you happen to be religious or you are on the path to becoming one, religious houses are one of the warmest places to make friends and solid ones at that. They are always ready to help people feel at home and being in spaces that share similar beliefs or cultures to you can be reassuring and make you feel welcomed.

At the end of the day making friends is not going to be an easy task and it will require a level of consistency for people to let their guards off and have conversations with strangers. So do not get discouraged if after a few tries nothing comes through for you.

Also, in the bid to not feel lonely and make friends do not come off as desperate or creepy they are a major turn off. Realistically, a lot of the people in these spaces are also looking to make friends, so do not be too nervous about kicking it off with people. Remember that friendships do not happen in seclusion and you actually have to go out and make them.

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