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Motivation to undertake a solo trip


Motivation to undertake a solo trip

Are you thinking of taking a trip but can't find anyone who wants to accompany you ? Not sure how to take a trip alone? Today I bring you an article dedicated to motivate you to overcome those understandable fears that we all have before a solo trip.

You will feel freer than ever:-

During a solo trip, and especially if it is a long trip, you feel a sense of freedom unknown until then. The main advantage of traveling alone is not having to adapt to the will of a group since you have total freedom to decide what you are going to do with your trip. You decide where you are going and when, how long you are going to be at the destination, what you are going to do there and how you are going to travel (by train, renting a motorcycle, hitchhiking, etc.). It is probably the best way to enjoy somewhat more adventurous experiences. In return, you will not be able to share what happens to you, what you live or what you feel at any given time, but today it is very easy to maintain contact with your family, so you can quickly write an email or make a call. In fact,

You will learn from yourself:-

In the book The art of traveling, by Alain de Bottom, there is the following paragraph:

It can be an advantage to travel alone. Our behavior and our way of being are influenced by our partners, by which we control our curiosity to meet their expectations of us. It may be that they have a particular vision of our personality and this may cause some features of it to be hidden ...

You will not be alone for long:-

When you start a solo trip you don't suspect that you will rarely be alone. When traveling, backpacking around the world, it coincides with other travelers with a mentality similar to yours. People who have decided to go on a trip, often also alone, for the same reasons as you. So whether in hostels, in transport or doing activities you will end up meeting people every day with whom you will share a beer, a dinner, a few days in a city or even with which you will end up traveling throughout a country or a continent. On my first solo trip I immediately made travel companions that I met at an English school in Auckland, in New Zealand. Also later in Indonesia I was traveling with a girl I met at the hostel.

You will appreciate your solitude and observe your surroundings better:-

Even if you meet people, make friends and travel with them, you will also, of course, have your moments of complete solitude. You probably feel alone at times. Many people are afraid to go on a trip alone because they think they will feel sad and depressed, but that will rarely happen. In fact, when you are alone, you will rarely feel lonely if you are not going to relax and rest, either from the traveler's tasks.

Come home and enjoy twice your friends and family:-

After a long time traveling alone you will surely appreciate yours once you return home. Take the opportunity to do all those things you have missed on your trip and think about discovering your own country, being a traveler in your home;)

Go back to your work, look for new things to do or save money for your next adventure, whatever you decide to do when you return and nobody will take away all the experiences you have lived on your solo trip.

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