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Laptop screen repair — an article on the Smart Living Network
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Laptop screen repair


Laptop screen repair.

The most delicate component of a laptop is the screen. It only takes a small blow in a bad place so that the screen of our laptop begins to give problems. If this happens it will be very annoying or even impossible to use the computer and the only solution will be to change the screen of the laptop .

In the event of a screen failure, it is normal for users to contact the manufacturers of their laptops and at best receive a budget of around 300. Being a high amount, in many cases the budget is not accepted and in the end a new laptop is purchased. Solutein can change the screen of your laptop for much less money, putting a screen exactly the same as your laptop or an equivalent model of maximum quality.

The guarantee of all the panels we change is 12 months. Repair portable screen To make the repair you have to disassemble the screen and separate it from the motherboard, we do it by releasing the connectors and separating it from the hinges.

We disassemble the trim frame and we already have access to the panel. With the damaged panel already disassembled, we see the brand, model and exact reference.

With this data we can give the exact budget to the client. Finally we call the client to confirm the budget and if we agree to mount or ask for the screen.

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