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Guide for People Visiting Saratoga Race Track for the First Time

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Saratoga Race Course was opened on August 3, 1863; it was the first-ever organized Thoroughbred horse racing track to open in the US. Thus, it makes Saratoga Race Course the oldest horse racing track & by many estimates, the oldest sporting venue in the United States.

During summer in Saratoga Springs, you will find nothing more thrilling than the roar of the massive crowd as powerful thoroughbreds' race around the track. If you are a horse racing fan, then a trip to Saratoga Race Course is a must. Apart from having knowledge about horse racing and finding Saratoga picks online, there are certain things that you need to know before visiting this race track.

So in this post, we've compiled the ultimate fan's guide for visiting the Saratoga race track.

Mark Your Calendar for the 7 Weeks of Racing

The annual summer meets at Saratoga Race Course runs for complete seven weeks which start from July. Racing, however, occurs on most days of the week but here Tuesdays are known as Dark Tuesdays as there is no racing on Tuesday.

During the entire racing season, there are a variety of stakes races & special events happening at the Track, which also includes the giveaway days! So, it is best to plan ahead & take a look at this year's racing calendar so as to decide on the best time for your visit.

Find Seating & Buy Your Tickets

It depends upon your preference; Saratoga Race Course features free-for-all the seating and reserved seating arrangements. By paying just the price of general admission, you can enjoy sitting in the backyard picnic areas where there are televisions & tables installed. At every race day morning, people line up outside the race Track at 7:00 am. This is when the gates open & guests can go inside & can unofficially claim their picnic table for later.

If you are not a person for the morning rush, then it is better to get your seats reserved in advance! Single-day admission tickets for the grandstand, clubhouse, and Travers Day are also sold at the gate (unless they are completely sold out).

In addition to this, there are hospitality areas & full-service dining options, so if you don't want to bring your own cooler full of snacks & drinks, you can make your dining reservations as well.

Review the Track's Dress Code Guidelines for the Racing Events

At Saratoga Race Course, the dress code policy depends upon where you are planning to sit and watch the races. For the backyard picnic areas & grandstand, you can wear casual clothing; many people wear t-shirts, shorts, sneakers, and other informal attire.

When you happen to sit in the clubhouse and then the luxury suites/box seats, then you have to follow the strict dress codes, which include formal attire for both men and women.

Place Your Bets!

While simply watching the race is always fun, a lot of visitors test their skills & luck by placing bets on the horses; this makes the racing event exciting (at least for some people)!

At Saratoga racecourse, you must be over 18 years of age to place a bet. Before you approach a betting window, you must have all relevant information ready, including the name of the racetrack, race number, the amount you'll be placing, the type of bet, and the number of the horse. Once you've placed your bet with a clerk at a betting window, all you have to do is just watch the race and hope your horse to come out on top.

For your convenience, you can also look for Saratoga picks online & place your bet at one of the automated betting machines at the Race Course.

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