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Why This Dietitian Joined A Local Farm Share

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My husband and I took the leap this year and joined a CSA (community supported agriculture). Each week I make the trip over to meet the farm truck where I pick up our share of the delicious and nutritious springtime crops from Visser Farms. As my new year’s resolution was to try at least one brand new recipe every month, I figured that the CSA would be the perfect source of inspiration.

Now, before I share more about our experience, let’s talk about what a CSA is first. By joining a CSA you are able to support the farmers trying to make a living in your own community while enjoying the health benefits of local, seasonal food.

Local Harvest, the ultimate source for information on local food, summarized the benefits a CSA brings to both farmer and consumer to beautifully for me to recreate. So, here you are in the words of Local Harvest:

Advantages for Farmers:

Advantages for Consumers:

Surprisingly, the farm share experience has been as much about fresh, local food as socialization, quite similar to the camaraderie you may find at your local farmer’s market or at pick-up night for the local food cooperative (West Michigan CoOp in our case).  I look forward to the day each week that I am able to talk to the people growing our food, ask questions about how it was grown (or raised if you were to partake in the free-range egg share), and share cooking tips and recipes with both farmers and fellow CSA members at the pick-up.

I bring home our reusable bags chock-full of farm fresh fare and begin the weekly adventure of building a meal plan based on our allotment. While many may doubt the produce options Michigan has to offer in March, West Michigan truly brings a multitude of options to the (kitchen) table. Already we have been greeted with kohlrabi, leafy greens, turnips, celery root, beets, apples (yes, perhaps from last season but still ah-mAz-ing), carrots, parsnips, red onions, potatoes, and rutabagas. YUM!

As you can imagine, I have had to get creative in the kitchen. From Asian slaw from kohlrabi to pretty-in-pink quinoa with beets, my husband and I have been dining on some incredible dishes – albeit  a couple of misses among the hits. Stay tuned for some delicious recipes coming up in this Dietitian’s Dish.

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