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October 20, 2010 at 1:00 PMComments: 7 Faves: 0

Why Choose Organic?

By Helen More Blogs by This Author

Because items that are organic are generally all natural, just as the human body is all natural, a better question might be: Why not choose organic? Organic food items do not have added chemicals or artificial flavorings or colors, and therefore will not put any adverse properties into the body when ingested. The same is true of organic cleaners and skincare products that can be either purchased in health food centers or created at home.

When you choose organic products you inadvertently save the planet at the same time. The reason? Organic products do not require pesticides or chemicals of any sort, nor do they add unnatural ingredients. Therefore, there will be no chemicals to leach into soil or the nearest watering hole, or municipal water source, and no unnatural ingredients to get into the human body.

Choosing organic also means supporting the small farmer. Because organic farmers are still required to weed the rows and tend to the crops, which is virtually impossible to do on large crop farms anymore, buying organic supports the small farmers.

What Is Organic?

Organic materials are materials found in their natural state, either in the wild or in your own backyard. Some organic foods require free range in order to be considered organic. These products usually include cattle and fowl and poultry and their eggs. But other organic foodstuffs include vegetables, herbs and fruits, as well as building materials such as wood and natural stone.

To be organic, items simply need to be found in a natural state and be useable in that state, or be useable with very little preparation. Organic crops are grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, sludge- or sewage-based fertilizers or any other manmade product.

For instance, a rabbit that is snared in the desert would still need to be cooked over a fire in order to be eaten. The rabbit, living in a desert, is probably completely organic and natural. Cooking a natural organic rabbit won't change it from being natural and organic as long as you use a natural fire with natural spices on the rabbit meat. Any chemicals you might have used to start the fire, such as treated wood and/or magazines or glossy papers used to keep the fire going, or utensils that leach chemicals into the food, and/or any environmental pollutants that get into the food can quickly turn a natural organic meal into a very unnatural and no longer organic meal.

Organic foods are the intended food for humans and actually heal the body from the inside out. Some foods are so jam-packed with antioxidants that they've recently earned the title superfoods. Superfoods include many berries, fruits and vegetables. The best way to remain healthy and to keep the planet healthy is to choose organic.


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