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August 30, 2011 at 9:30 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

How Vegetarianism Can Help You

By Jessica Corwin MPH RDN More Blogs by This Author

Registered Dietitian Jessica Butcher gives some insight into how becoming a vegetarian can help you.
Host, Gerry Barnaby - Hey, what’s going on, Barnaby here.  Talkin’ about vegetarianism today on This HelloLife Moment.  And the big question is, let’s say you want to become vegetarian, how do you gonna do it?  Registered Dietician Jessica Butcher, take us through it.  Is there a good and easy way to get started?
Health Coach, Jessica Butcher, RD – You know there’s so many different reasons for becoming a vegetarian.  Even if it’s only one day a week.  And there is a great campaign out there called, ‘Meatless Mondays’ there website is and they encourage you to become vegetarian for a variety of reasons.  But first of all, I mean for your health, if you’re cutting out meat, even one day a week, you’re going to cut your saturated fat intake by 15%.  Another great reason is for the environment.  If everybody went veggie for, you know, one day a week, it would be the equivalent to taking off half a million cars off the road. 
Barnaby – So what are you going to eat instead of meat on like, say, Meatless Mondays – tofu?
Jessica – Tofu would be a great option and economically that’s going to help save you a ton of money.  If you’re going, switching that one day a week, switching your beef to tofu, it can help save you up to 270 dollars each year. 
Barnaby – Wow.  So, little by little, just ease on into the world of vegetarianism and it’s a nice, simple transition?
Jessica – Very easy.  Yep.  Making those small baby steps can just make a world of difference in a lot of different factors as we’ve discussed.  Plus, if you’re paying extra attention, even one day a week, that might make you extra conscious of the rest of your food decisions the rest of the week.  So maybe you’ll make some more healthier decisions. 
Barnaby – That’s funny.  Because every vegetarian I talk to says, ‘I feel so much better!’  Is there any reason why?
Jessica – Well, if you’re getting a lot of extra fiber, a lot of anti-oxidants, a lot of lean proteins in your diet, it’s going to help boost your energy levels too.  So you’re certainly going to feel clean and light and ready to go.
Barnaby – Wow – all good advice.  And it makes me want to become a vegetarian.  Will I, won’t I?  Stay tuned to these HelloLife Moments because we’re all about matching your commitment to a healthy lifestyle. 

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