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3 Healthy (and Delicious!) Potato Recipes


I love potatoes. Perhaps it’s my Irish heritage or the fact that I ate lots of them growing up in potato farm country. Regardless, I love them and could eat them every day. Luckily for me, they're readily available any time of year and are an inexpensive food.

Still, I wondered if I could be doing my body harm by eating these delicious tubers. I’ve heard that they are not good for me. Is this true?

Proof Potatoes Are Good For You

I’ve done a little research on the potatoes and have found that this is pure myth. It’s what we put on them that make them less healthy. Gobs of sour cream and butter or chili and cheese are just a few of the common potato toppings that are loaded with fat and calories.

On its own the potato is salt and fat free, low in calories (only 110 for a medium size potato), loaded with vitamin C, potassium and are a good source of fiber. They only comprise around 10% of the daily value of carbohydrates. In addition, I discovered they are a great source of antioxidants. Antioxidants protect key cell components by neutralizing the damaging effects of free radicals and potatoes actually have one of the highest overall antioxidant activities among vegetables! They even contain glutathione, a special antioxidant that may help protect against some cancers.

Potato Galette

Whew! With this knowledge I’m once again free to mash, bake, dice, slice and whip up as many potato dishes I can create. Keeping in mind the added ingredients need to not outweigh the health benefits. I choose olive oil instead of butter and use herbs to cut down on salt with this delicious potato galette.

The Perfect Mashed Potato

Mashing the perfect potato is not an art. It’s a choice. The gluey potatoes that Aunt Betty served every Thanksgiving are embedded in my memory. That is not how they should look, feel or taste. In order to get a nice fluffy mashed potato you need to choose Yukon Gold potatoes…and that's it!

Yukon gold is less starchy then a common russet and contains more water so they cook up light and fluffy. The gooey potatoes that Aunt Betty served where probably russet and over worked. Over-mashing or beating potatoes breaks down the cells and creates glue like consistency. Try this recipe using less fat and salt but packed with flavor from the roasted garlic.

Lower Fat Potato Chips

Oh how I love the crispy crunch of salty potato chips. It’s too bad they are so fattening and contain very little nutritional values. On my quest to create a less fattening chip I discovered that baking is the way to go. Instead of deep frying them in oil, the only oil I’m using is fine mist of cooking spray. Parmesan cheese and garlic salt add great flavor to make up for the fried flavor that so many of us crave. These are easy and fun to make.

Photo Credit: Jason Crane

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