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April 9, 2012 at 10:50 AMComments: 3 Faves: 1

"The Baker" Cooking Personality: Cheesecake Remake


If you follow my blog you may remember one of the first in which I described the 7 cooking personalities:

Due to its popularity and many requests, I have decided to offer a series of blogs written for each personality!
This week, I’ll tackle the Baker. (Figuratively speaking of course. No worries!)

You know that person that seems to be constantly smiling – but not in that false, obligatory way most of us do? They’re genuinely cheerful and happy to see you! You won’t catch them in flashy or loud clothing. They dress modestly and smell clean. They’re the friend you can always count on to support you when someone’s getting on your nerves, to remember your Grandma is sick and to just show up at your home – with tray of sweets, of course! They aren’t terribly adventurous, but then again, that also means their food rarely fails. It’s soul-satisfying, but…. it’s not especially healthy.

If this describes you, perhaps you are the Baker cooking personality!

Their Challenge:

The challenge for the baker is to cook with health in mind. Baking usually entails cookies, cakes and pies afteral and none are especially known for their health benefits. These foods typically contain high levels of fat, sugar and calories. HOWEVER - believe it or not - it is possible to bake without high concentrations of these evils! The key is substituting sugar with lower carb alternatives.

I personally became aware of just how many of the calories my family consumed came from sugar when my youngest daughter was diagnosed with type Juvenile Diabetes. I had to completely change the way I cooked and shopped. No longer was I concerned with just great taste. I was forced to analyze every carbohydrate (when broken down, they all turn to sugar) because for diabetics, carbohydrates and sugars are like poison.

When I started reading labels I was shocked. There are foods that I would have never guessed had so much sugar! For example, did you know breakfast bars can have up to 8 teaspoon of sugar per bar. Sorbet has 12 teaspoons of sugar which is double the amount of sugar in most soft drinks. Tomato soup especially shocked me. Who would have thought that healthy rosy cheeked Campbell Soup Kid was eating 8 teaspoon of sugar in that steaming bowl?!

The trick is finding alternatives, something that'll trick your tastebuds into believing you are eating all that delicious sugar. Perception is reality, right? ;)

7 Calorie-Cutting Dessert Tips

#1. Use Splenda. Baking with sugar substitutes is the easiest way to convert most recipes to a lower carbohydrate recipe. Equal Sugar Lite® and Splenda® Sugar Blend for Baking are blends that incorporate sugar for better baking, while still reducing total carbohydrates.

#2. Use Fruit. Add dried fruit purée to replace some of the sugar and fat in soft, chewy cookies. Take advantage of the natural sweetness of dried chopped fruit instead of the candied variety to add to your favorite baked goods.

#3. Reduce Sugar. Experiment with reducing the amount of sugar by one quarter to one third in most drop cookie recipes.

#4. Reduce Portion Size. Slice bar cookies into bite-sized portions. Portion smaller amounts of cookie dough (for instance, 1 teaspoon instead of 1 tablespoon) for mini versions of your favorite treats. ( You'll need to bake at a lower temperature for a shorter period of time.)

Also, try these decorating tips:

#5. Drizzle Homemade Low Fat Chocolate Icing. Drizzle a bit of chocolate icing made from melted bittersweet chocolate and nonfat half-and-half.

#6. Use Sugar-Free Candies. Press the tops of reduced-sugar cookies into fine-grain colored sugar crystals or crushed sugar-free hard candies before baking.

#7. Try Sugar-Free Jam. Brush the tops of cookies lightly with a glaze of no-sugar-added jam thinned with a small amount of juice or water.

Cheesecake Remake

This is one of my FAVORITE dessert remakes! This cheesecake has all the rich, delightful flavor of a traditional cheesecake, but in way fewer calories!

Nutrition Comparison

Traditional Cheesecake

Cheesecake Remake













Dietary Fiber









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  • This sounds great! I would consider myself about half baker. I smile when I'm baking, although my baking usually consists of lasagna, pizza, etc. rather than sweets. But I will definitely have to try this cheesecake, because I love cheesecake but don't make it because of how terrible it is for you. Thanks for the great idea Sue!

  • Sue these are great tips and alternatives thanks for all of the ideas!

  • I like #2 the best: use fruit. You get your servings of fruit in and you have dessert, it's a win win situation!

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