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Sweet Tooth, Sweet Heart

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Sweet heart. Sour puss. Hot head.

We use taste-related metaphors for people all the time.  Now, a new study shows there may actually be something behind them! Psychologists were particularly intrigued by the sweet descriptors – “honey”, “sugar” and “sweetiepie” - that we use to describe  nice, kind and caring people.  

Do “sweet people” have a “sweet tooth”?

In a study, participants were asked to rate their liking of 50 different foods from 5 major taste groups – sweet, sour, bitter, salty and spicy. They were also asked to answer questions related to their agreeableness.

The results confirmed what the psychologists predicted – the friendliest, most cooperative, compassionate people had a taste for sweet foods.

Worried your penchant for sour foods makes you less agreeable? While the truth behind sour, salty, bitter and spicy (Me-OW! ;) ) personalities have yet to be investigated, one study does suggest that just eating sweet foods may have some influence!

Further backing the  “sweetness” theory – in another experiment, given either a cracker, a chocolate or no food, those that received a chocolate were more likely to volunteer time.

Do you feel your taste in food reflects your personality?

What is your food saying about you?

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