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Strawberry Spooks, Banana Ghosts, & Candied Pumpkin Seeds: Healthy Halloween Treats for the Entire Family!

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Oh, Halloween. That devilishly tasty holiday overflowing with sweet treats seemingly priming our taste buds for the calorie-rich foods to be ingested over the next few months as the day kicks off the holiday season.

I am always ready to celebrate a fun holiday, though I’m not always ready for the sugar hangover the next day – nor attempting to squeeze into a pair of jeans after mass candy consumption! Yet, a sweet treat (or two) is a Halloween requirement, which is why I've been digging around for some lighter versions to satisfy the sweet tooth. After some thorough inspection, I must admit that I'm quite pleased with the results. It turns out that the supermarket is filled with healthy options; they just require a bit of investigation.

Here are a few of my must-haves for this Halloween. Whether you want to make your own or pick something up from the store, there's something here for everyone!


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