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Simple Eating Tips For Good Health — an article on the Smart Living Network
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Simple Eating Tips For Good Health


It's easy to let food choices control your life. When making decisions about food, do what feels best for you at the time. Often we let our moods control our eating habits when often our eating habits dramatically affect our moods. Identify the options you have whether you're dining out, grocery shopping or craving a snack. By planning on certain strategies you'll find your food choices easy to make.

Dining Out

When dining out, pay attention to how food is served and what it's made of. Avoid fried, deep-fried, or breaded items as they contain a lot of fat. Focus on items that say broiled, steamed, baked or roasted. Ask for salad dressing, mayonnaise and any other sauce on the side - it's a common request. Avoid creamy dressings and mayonnaise, beware of aioli, which is usually flavored mayonnaise. Instead choose vinaigrettes, which when blended can be as creamy as other dressings.

At Home

When cooking at home, you have so much control over the content of your meals. Saute meats in broth or just a touch of olive oil. Or try broiling or grilling whenever possible - it adds much more flavor anyway. Use spare time to prep for future meals. Bake muffins on weekends to eat in the week ahead. Keep vegetables washed and chopped to have as easy snacks or to incorporate into meals. Make your own vinaigrettes with olive oil, vinegar, honey and some spices. The possibilities are endless.


This is the most important. Once you immerse yourself in the idea of cooking healthily at home, it becomes simple. It does take more effort, but like anything, once you get used to it, it's a breeze. If you're cooking meat, make some extra and use it later in the week for a stir fry or soup. Use leftovers in a quick hash or casserole the next day. Or save leftovers for lunch at work.


Pay attention to what you buy. If you don't buy chips, you won't munch on them at home. Reading labels is so important. Light mayonnaise tastes just like regular, and the calorie and fat difference is astounding. The same goes for most light dairy items. Buy 1 percent milk instead of 2, or 2 percent instead of whole. There's no need to go all the way to skim milk in one step.


Buy and use one new item every week or month. Try wild rices, beans or dried lentils. Barley is a great addition to soup and cooks easily. Toast nuts and throw them into stir fry, salads, and pasta dished. Buy whole grain pasta, or make your own. Search out a new seasonal vegetable during the summer. Challenge yourself to buy something you'se never even heard of before, and experiment until you like it.


All it takes is some creativity and a little effort. Examine what you eat on a daily basis and see it in a new light. Try dressing different things up with fresh tomatoes, spinach and peppers. Use wheat pasta just once to see if you like it. If you don't, move on.


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