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June 19, 2012 at 2:13 PMComments: 11 Faves: 0

Refrigerator Oatmeal


Getting up and making breakfast in the morning is hard. It's early, you don't want to be awake yet, your alarm clock is making noise - just a mess. Well, no more. I'm swearing off my 6 PopTart binges and putting my night-cooking to better use, and it's all thanks to a recipe I found at the blog/site The Yummy Life. Refrigerator Oatmeal.

It's simple: pile everything into a jar, shake it, and the next morning you have a nice cold, healthy, delicious breakfast ready to take with you to work.

Since it's not so much a traditional recipe, I've decided not to post it as a recipe, but rather as this handy informational graphic. Feel free to share it all over the blogosphere and Tumblr.

Refrigerator Oatmeal recipe infographic.

(Recipe adapted from

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  • Nice Infographic Dave! I'll have to try this one of these days!

  • DAVE! This is amazing! Nice job! The chai oatmeal idea is pure genius! :D

  • Dave, I don't know which is more awesome - the yummy recipe, or the little cartoon versions of you.

    Any idea what could be used as a yogurt substitute? I suppose there's always soy yogurt, but that can be difficult to find.

  • I suppose in theory you could just go with soy or almond milk, but it'd be a lot more liquid. Perhaps you could also try blended banana, so long as you're OK with the banana flavor too.

  • Definitely going to try this. Thanks, Dave!

  • What a fabulous graphic, Dave! Looks just like you :)

    My only advice on this ready-to-go oatmeal is to either divide it up into a couple of mornings or share it with a friend. The oats and flax alone brings the calories to a whopping 475 and that is before you add in any of the delicious toppings.

    On another side note, this would be delicious substituting muesli for the oats - one of my morning favorites with plain yogurt. Y-U-M :)

  • Thanks for the tip Jessica! Admittedly I think my jars are larger than the ones from the original blog, so a half-jar serving sounds much better.

  • To Laura who asked whether soy yogurt could be substituted. I am sure, but if you are substituting it b/c of lactose intolerance then you need to buy yogurt with active cultures in it. The cultures eat the lactose thus solving your intolerance. The same thing can be said about cheese and other fermented cheeses, the more it has fermented the more lactose it has eaten, etc. #goodeats

  • Does the oatmeal(s) have to be cooked first? Or literally pile them into a mason jar as is? Sorry...I'm a newbie and would really love to try this out. Thanks in advance!

  • I love refrigerator oatmeal...but love even more that you have this easy graphic to simply hang on my fridge for quick reference. My one question much milk. I use the little mason jars. I don't know how big they are, but they seem pretty comparable to a pint...or slightly slightly larger. Thanks.

  • How.much yogurt? It doesn't say. I need to know amounts. What size of jar did u use?

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