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July 23, 2012 at 8:00 AMComments: 2 Faves: 0

"No Bread for You!" Deconstructing the Sandwich

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There's this great little sandwich shop in Michigan that is famous for their delicious pretzel bread. Excited to try this infamous treat, my husband and I decided we didn’t need a whole sandwich, but would really like to try the bread. After standing in line for an eternity we reached the counter and asked to buy just one bun. The owner of the shop flatly turned us down stating that he can only make so many and needed to save them for the guests who wanted to soup natzipurchase sandwiches. Upon this news, my clever husband says, “Okay I’d like a pretzel sandwich without the fillings please.”

Hold the Filling

We offered to pay the full sandwich price, but much to our surprise, the owner  still refused to accommodate our request and we walked away without ever trying the infamous pretzel bread. I’m still curious what the bread tastes like and somewhat put-out by the inflexible shop owner.

Should I be mad, mildly annoyed or just let it roll? Should I have fought it or just broken down and bought the whole sandwich? Was I being unreasonable or was the shop owner being stubborn? I’m curious to know what you think!

soup natzi

What would you have done in this situation? Would you:

  1. Buy a sandwich anyway and throw the fillings out.
  2. Demand to be served a meatless sandwich or you’d tell the customers waiting in line that there was a cockroach in your sandwich.
  3. Order a sandwich and stuff yourself silly trying to consume it bread and all.
  4. Accept the shop owner’s answer and try to understand the reasoning.
  5. Start to cry and create a scene so the shop owner gives you what you want just to get you to leave.

Does the bread really make the sandwich?

I’ve heard some people say “The sandwich is only as good as the bread. If the bread is good it really doesn’t matter what’s inside.” I’m not sure if I agree with that.

What I do know, however, is that the bread is often the least healthy part of the sandwich. It's a  fact that most sandwiches are high in fat and calories because of the bread and not what’s inside! The bread can add as much as 250 calories to your sandwich. In fact, that pretzel bread that I was denied would have packed an extra 510 calories to my waistline.

Perhaps I should thank the shop owner for saving me from my carb tooth! ;)

The Deconstructed Sandwich

My diet recommendation: deconstruct the sandwich and forgo the bread!

Most often the filling is enough to satiate and can be looked at as sort of an entree salad. I use this concept often when I’m on the road and in need of a quick bite. Many of the sandwich chains have a vast array of ingredients meant to customize your sandwich. I ask for a to-go container and get them fill it with meats, cheese, lettuce tomatoes and a host of other vegetables. Add a low-fat dressing and you have just saved yourself from carbohydrate overload and countless hollow calories.

Here are a few of my recommended Deconstructed Sandwiches.

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  • I once tried making a deconstructed crab rangoon dish to serve to friends, but they didn't like it because the crab pinched them and drew blood. :(

  • I recently tried a new restaurant with my husband called Crooked Goose in Standale, corner Lake Michigan Dr and Wilson. They have it there as an appetizer and its so yummy I very much enjoyed all of it. :)

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