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My Newfound Love of Coffee

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A few months ago, I started liking coffee. I have no idea why, but I did. It was some really weird week of playing music and drinking things. The next steps were obvious, get a coffee grinder, a French press, some coffee beans, and start making my own alcohol because it’s so expensive from the store. I guess maybe that last step probably wasn’t obvious.  Through experimentation and many a drink of coffee I have learned a few things.

McDonald’s coffee is awful.

Not that it is such swill that my stomach churns and I immediately vomit it up upon ingesting, but the coffee that I obtained from the golden arches (on more than one occasion) was the most bitter and uninviting flavor my palate had suffered in a while. That came as a shock to me with all the "beverage pushing" that McDonald’s has been doing in the past few years, what I can only assume is a shove back to Starbuck’s. I really thought that with the trendy cups and coffee house ambiance that the newly renovated McDonald’s exude good coffee would be a staple.

Coffee house coffee is really expensive.

I love going to Starbuck’s or Bigby. It’s like a wonderland of lattes and 400-calorie sugar bombs ready to destroy your diet. The thing that really gets me though is the stupid price of everything ever inside those places. It seems like it’s impossible to get out of there without spending almost five dollars. And not that five dollars is a huge amount, but for what I get, heck yes it’s a huge amount! When I go to Bigby and get a $4 tall latte, I am buying 16oz worth of drink, so about a quarter per ounce. That’s a lot MAN!

I am grateful that I’m not a crazed coffee addict that needs specifically a Starbucks coffee every single morning to operate, I would be broke(er) very quickly. And it seems like every time I go to one of these coffee houses I fall right into their dirty little marketing ploy and get an overpriced muffin, so my bill is then increased to north of seven dollars. Might as well just give them my first-born child.

French press coffee is the best ever.

Though becoming a coffee drinker has expanded my palate into all types of coffee, I still have my reservations about some coffees (read: McDonalds). But, even though I apparently became a coffee snob, I can still drink the rumored near-toxic blend of bean that is Folgers coffee, as long as it’s jammed through a French press. I have no idea why this is, but something about that Frenchy Frenchness just gets me. Not only does the coffee taste delicious, but also the process is awesome to go through. It’s science, people!

Because I have already made it a long ordeal to make my own coffee, I get too legit to quit and feel the need to grind my own beans. As you probably know, fresh ground coffee beans smells amazing. Best smell (right next to gunpowder burning) to have in the morning!

Coffee makes other things taste better.

The inherent bitterness that lives within the coffee bean is what initially repelled me, but now I can see its virtue. Because of the slight bitterness of coffee, or at least lack of sweetness, eating something sweet with coffee is a flavor explosion! I highly recommend some speculoos cookies with your coffee, it was a match made in Seattle.

Happy brewing! 

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