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Microwave Pressure Cooking


Why a Microwave Pressure Cooker?
Speed is the primary reason. But it is efficient as well. 

  • Pork ribs in 20 minutes.  
  • Vegetables generally only take a few minutes, sometimes even less.
  • Less costly cuts of meat will be tender, saving you money.
  • You use a lot less energy. Energy dissipation is lower.
  • You don’t heat up the whole house making dinner.
  • You keep more of your food's nutrients by not boiling them off.
  • The higher temperature also insures that parasites or bacteria get killed off.
  • Many recipes result in a single-pot meal, so there's less clean up and clutter.

How Does a Pressure Cooker Work?

It's actually quite simple. Liquid in the bottom chamber is heated by the microwave. The steam is then trapped in the pressure cooker and pressure builds in the cooker, which cooks the food effectively and efficiently.

How to Use

Fill the bottom of the pressure cooker to the marked level. You can replace water with other liquid to add flavor. The food (vegetables, meat, etc) goes in on top of the water. The lid is vital in creating pressure, so be sure to get the lid on properly so the steam gets trapped and you create pressure. Pop it in the microwave for the desired time. The user guide will give you estimated times for different dishes. When done, don’t rush to remove the contents from the cooker. There is a lot of heat and built-up pressure in the cooker. For safety reasons, most microwave pressure cookers come with a pressure indicator – it sticks out if there is pressure in the cooker. Wait until this indicator shows no significant pressure in the cooker and open the lid.

How to Choose a Pressure Cooker

When it comes to choices, there are plenty available in the market at a variety of different prices. I purchased an inexpensive one from QVC, and it work very well. It's small, but it's just right for the two of us. You can Google Microwave Pressure Cookers and find whatever you are looking for.

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  • I don't have a pressure cooker myself, but I think I may have to get one now!

  • They are really slick. Jump on QVC and read about them. They are not expensive. Sweet corn in 4 minutes with no boliling water mess.

  • Yes, they do sound very handy with a busy life style, I like the no mess part when cooking!

  • I like the sound of this! Less mess and all, it might be just right for a small place like a cottage. Thanks for the good tip Beryl.

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