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Keeping A Stable Healthy Weight In Older Age

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Imagine spending your whole life trying to keep extra pounds off, only to be told by your doctor that now you need to gain some weight to stay healthy.

Where to Start:

Formulating a well-devised eating plan can be important. This should be based on your specific caloric intake needs, and it begins with understanding how quickly youve lost weight and the reason it happened.

Mini-Meal Versus Large Feats:

Eating balanced smaller meals throughout the day is better than relying on larger more sporadic feasts.

What to Eat:

Nutrient-dense foods are your friend, and they provide the most nutrition bang for the buck with lots of vitamins, minerals, fiber, lean protein or unsaturated fats.

Repeat After Us: BALANCE IS KEY:

There is no need to count grams of nutrients or stress over nutrition labels. Just aim for a balance of healthy carbohydrates, unsaturated fats, and protein, McManus says.

Square Roots Kitchen Can Help!

If youre finding yourself short of ideas, are on the go or dont have time to cook your own meals, Square Roots Kitchens menu could be the answer and solution to your weight-gaining dilemma.

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