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how to use six-sided egg roll machine?

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Installation and use of six-sided egg roll machine:
For the novice, the egg roll machine that you just got is still not known, and you don't know how to use and install it. In fact, the use of the egg roll machine is very simple, the novice will be able to master it quickly, and the accessories will be shipped from the factory. It will be issued together with the random machine, including the recipe for making the egg roll and the teaching video to ensure that every friend who uses the machine can get started.
First, after receiving the machine, open the outer box from the bottom, remove the machine and all the accessories.
The longest bracket is used to support the cover of the machine. After the cover is opened, the bracket is inserted on the side for support.
The U-shaped bracket is used to block the heating plate, so it is inserted on the top (in the two holes behind the heating plate), and it needs to be placed on the bracket after the heating plate is opened.
The gas tank is connected to the hose, and the other end of the hose is inserted into the air inlet of the machine.
Turn on the gas tank switch, turn on the two knobs under the machine, and then use the extension igniter to ignite the upper and lower burners.
For the first time, firstly, six pairs of heating plates should be sequentially heated and heated for about four or five minutes. After the preheating is completed, each heating plate should be brushed with a layer of cooking oil to prevent sticking during the egg roll process. .
Put the prepared ingredients on the lid of the machine and pour them into the hot plate in turn, so that you can make a delicious egg roll by cycling all the time.

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