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how to save potato chips after opening?

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Potato chips can be placed in the refrigerator and must be placed in the freezer. If it is refrigerated, it will be moist, and the potato chips will become soft and affect the taste. Because the humidity in the refrigerator is very large, humidity is the main condition for bacterial growth.In addition, the potato chips should be kept crisp when they are dry. It is not brittle in the refrigerator, as long as it is sealed and stored. If the potato chip seal is not good, it will not be brittle when it is put into the refrigerator for a long time, because the environment of the refrigerator is damp.
You can seal the half of the potato chip bag, so that it will be crispy next time.How to save potato chips after opening?Store in a cool, dry environment, sealed, can be sealed with a sealed bag, or with a clip, preferably no more than 24 hours. Can potato chips be eaten for a few days?Eat for one to three days, but you better still finish the day.Potato chips practice1, fresh potatoes, pepper, cumin powder, sugar, salt (according to personal taste preferences, you can also replace the seasoning)2. Cut a thin piece with a sharp knife3, cut the potato chips into the salad pot, sprinkle with pepper, cumin powder, salt, sugar and mix well, the weight is with your own preferences4, then put the potato chips into the baking tray with non-stick cloth, so that the crispy potato chips baked in the future can be easily taken down, fire up at 200 degrees, open the damper of the oven (no oven for blowing, can give the oven Open a small mouth, the water will also lose a part of it, so that the water will quickly lose. Bake for about 15 minutes and see that the potato chips are crispy and slightly yellow.

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