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You can use many domestic things to manufacture thecupcake boxesat home. Usually, people have stock of various cardboards, paperboards and cards. You can use them to manufacture the packing. The process of making a box out of cardstock is given as follows.

Find Best Card Paper

Firstly, collect all the cardstock that is available at home. Then identify which one is in better condition. Avoid from choosing the damaged card. Select the size according to your desire. You can resize it easily.

cupcake cardstock

Cut the Card Paper

Now cut the card paper to make the box. Draw the lines on the card with a pencil. You can modify the shape as well. You can reshape with the cutter. After drawing the shape then cut with a cutter or scissors. Now you have an accurate and perfect shape. You can cutcustom cupcake boxesor for more cupcakes.

Join all the Sides

Now join all the size together with the glue. Stick with great care that cannot be opened easily. Make your card box durable. Similarly, join the bottom surface with other sides. Wait to get dry the glue. It will make all the sides strong and durable.

Make a Lid

It is mandatory to make the lid or top cover of thewedding cupcakes boxesfor the protection of the cupcakes. You can make the lid with a different color of the card. It will be more beautiful. You can select amazing combinations of colors. Stick the lid with the box. It is the complete structure of the packing.

Design and Print the Packs

The next important step is to design and print the packing. You can decor it in two ways. The first way is to print, and design is by using decorative materials available at home. You can design by your self. You can decor with beads, pearls and ribbons. The colorful tapes are easily available in the market. You can use the card paper for designing. The images can be drawn on them. The handmade designing is appreciated by everyone. The other way is to use a digital printing facility. You can designcake boxes wholesalefrom the market. It is an economical method. You can print and design as you like. These both ways are popular in designing and printing.

cupcake box wholesale

Custom Design

Another latest and trendy way is customized designs. You can make the custom cartons with custom designs. It is the best option for various festivals. You can offer the customers to make packing from you for Birthdays, Weddings, Parties, New Year, Eid and other festivals. You can facilitate them in a very excellent way. The people love to gift the cupcakes on all these events. The custom designing will make your packing stand out.

cupcake gift

Write Greetings on Packing

Another way to make impressive your cupcakes is to write the greetings on the package. You can write by using unique writing styles and colorful pens. You can also take small size greeting cards. The greeting cards can be made by using card papers. You can take pictures of the cupcake as well. You can make your packaging as beautiful as you think.

cupcake box gifts

Put the Cupcake inside Box

Now your packing is ready. Put your cupcakes inside it. It will make your cake more beautiful and delicious. Customization is totally up to you. You can decorate or create a box as you like.


The last step is to wrap the package. You can use the wrapping ribbons, paper and tapes available in every color. You can also use laces available at home. These materials can be applied to the packing. It will make it perfect. Your cupcakes will be protected and more beautiful. You can make many boxes by using domestic things.

cupcake gift box


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