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November 8, 2013 at 8:24 AMComments: 1 Faves: 0

Great Drinks For Good Times: 5 Hot New Cocktail Recipes

By Dayton from SLN More Blogs by This Author

I’m by no means a mixologist. Neither do I consume a huge amount of alcohol, but I do enjoy experimenting with liquor. These experiments range from the disgusting to the delicious. Over this past summer, my M.O. at the local watering holes was to ask the bartender what they preferred, but I also occasionally just experimented on my own. Here are 5 drinks that my taste buds think are worthwhile!

The Swedish Necktie

2 Parts Crown Royal + 2 Parts Amaretto + 1 Part Bailey’s Irish Cream

Super easy to make with ingredients that can be found in most kitchen cabinets! The necktie is a wonderfully balanced cocktail considering that it’s built on a whiskey foundation. When combined with the Crown, the amaretto and Bailey’s create a trifecta of awesomeness best enjoyed on the rocks with close friends while listening to oldies.

Tootsie Mint Shooter

2 Parts Chocolate Vodka + 1 Part Mint Vodka

This vodka shooter packs a wonderful minty punch with a chocolate finish reminiscent of eating mint chocolate chip ice cream as a kid... Except now you’re an adult and there’s an added buzz that comes along with the delicious flavor. As long as you have the ingredients, the Tootsie Mint Shooter is stupid easy to create (as shooters typically are). This mixture is perfect for playing random board/card games with good friends while half watching a movie. This one is best to sippy-sip, unless you’re a fan of mint alcohol massive-attacks.

Amaretto and OJ

1 Part Amaretto + 2 Parts Orange Juice

This one very well may have a common drink name, but I don’t know it. Either way, this is my go-to drink for any situation where I need something familiar. Amaretto is my favorite liquor, and I love orange juice as well, so it was meant to be. This simple cocktail is best enjoyed on the rocks on the deck of a lake house in the warm summer breeze after a day spent playing on the beach. For some reason, this drink also goes well with fajitas. If you’re complimenting any Mexican food with this cocktail, add a twist of lime.

Rainbow Shot

Ice + 1 Part Grenadine + 1 Part Sweet and Sour + 1 Part Orange Juice + 1 Part Vodka + 1 Part Blue Curacao

This drink is pretty much the alcoholic counterpart to Smarties. It’s amazing, and it’s simple, but it requires precise timing. If you actually achieve the final rainbow shots, your friends will think you are the most amazing thing in the entire world and love you forever after having their minds smeared all over the place by your awesomeness! Pretty cool, right?

The ingredients listed should be enough to make 6 drinks. So make sure there are 6 glasses (and maybe some for overflow) sitting in front of you.

First, pour the Grenadine in a mixer followed by the ice. Be gentle with the ice. Then, pouring over a spoon, put in the Sweet and Sour. On top of that, pour on the orange juice, then the vodka (again, over the spoon). At this point, there will be a giant layered beverage in front. You’re almost there.

Now we’ve arrived at the part where timing becomes crucial. The Blue Curacao has the highest density of all the ingredients and will want to sink immediately. So once it’s in, quickly start pouring! If you did it right, the varied densities of the ingredients should create the perfect booze-inspired color spectrum. The first glass will be blue, the next green, and so on until you get to red in the bottom.

Watch this to see how it’s done 

Whiskey Cider

2 Parts Apple Cider + 1 Part Whiskey

The best fall drink. This is great for sitting around a bonfire talking about football or that crazy thing your cousin did a year ago. It’ is extra amazing when heated up and stirred with a cinnamon stick.

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