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[Gastronomics] Watercress: Foraging Guide and Recipes — an article on the Smart Living Network
April 25, 2013 at 8:00 AMComments: 1 Faves: 0

Watercress: Foraging Guide and Recipes

From the Gastronomics Blog Series

Rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. Provides 106% of your daily vitamin K needs in just one serving.

While you can readily purchase watercress in many well-stocked grocery stores, wild watercress is abundant, free, and available nearly year round!

LOOK: Nearly Year-Round. In streams and moving water.

COLLECT: As watercress tends to deteriorate rather quickly, you should only pick as much as you intend to eat in the next two days. Avoid collecting watercress from areas where water is stagnant or where it may have been exposed to farm water runoff.

USE: After watercress is thoroughly washed and cleaned, it is excellent for both fresh salad greens and cooking.

BBC GoodFood: Watercress Soup with Goat's Cheese Croûtes

watercress soup

Epicurious: Avocado and Watercress Salad

watercress salad




Stinging Nettles

Wild Onion

Wild Asparagus

Fiddlehead Ferns

Wild Violets

Wild Carrot/Queen Anne's Lace




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  • Watercress, on any sandwich, in place of lettuce. You'll thank me later.

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