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MORE Food Bloggers to Follow on Pinterest!

By Erin Froehlich More Blogs by This AuthorFrom the Gastronomics Blog Series

Been enjoying the pins from my “10 Food Bloggers to Follow” list?

Hungry for more?

Turns out many of my picks from last October have been nominated for Saveur’s “Best Food Blog of 2014” awards, but there are a lot of great food bloggers/pinners I totally missed!

A Note About the Bloggers Here:  Unfortunately, the bloggers listed here don’t represent the full extent of Saveur’s blog nominees as a lot of great of food bloggers still don’t know about the power of Pinterest! Since the point of this list is to be the first in the know when new original recipes are out, I narrowed it down to just the active pinners with at least one dedicated board for their own original recipes. I also included Facebook pages for the bloggers this time as some bloggers are better about keeping us updated there and I don’t want anyone getting left behind!

Newbie? If you’re new to Pinterest, I recommend checking out my previous blog which covers some really basic advice to get you started on the right foot.

So without further ado, round 2 - MORE Food Bloggers to Follow on Pinterest!

EXPERT TIP: Wanna see what I'm pinning? Scam off my foodie obsession and relentless quest for great recipes - follow my Pinterest food board as well!


Best Cooking Blog Nominees

Phi | Princess Tofu

“Lucky for San Francisco, I did not move here to live with a city full of vegetarians. I've also lived in Saigon, Chattanooga, Atlanta, and Paris. Consequently, my food has an Asian and Parisian flair. {Princess tofu is a chinese tofu dish. Like Princess chicken, but made with tofu}”

My Favorite Pin So Far: “Deviled Tea Egg”

Great twist on one of my all-time favorite foods.  The recipe is simple, beautiful, and made from inexpensive ingredients you could find anywhere. I can see also see adapting this concept in other recipes which is something I love.

Blog | Facebook | Pinterest

Kimberly | The Year in Food

“The Year In Food charts the course of the year through inspired, creative cooking and eating with an emphasis on seasonal fruits and vegetables.”

My Favorite Pin So Far: “Homemade Brown Rice Cracker”

In general, I’m a huge fan of DIY types recipes like this, but this one’s especially nice as I’m attempting to cut gluten from my diet.  And obviously it’s a versatile recipe, lending itself to a variety of different topping, dips, and spreads – always a bonus!

Blog | Facebook | Pinterest

Jodi | What’s Cooking Good Looking?

“My food love has shifted to include more vegetables, more grains, more raw, more vegan, more seasonal, more of what’s good and less of what’s not.  I eat almost anything, except for cheese and butter, and that’s why you will find a lot of vegan recipes here. I want to show people that vegetables can play a main role on the plate.”

My Favorite Pin So Far: “White Bean Quinoa Burgers w/ Chili Ramp Pesto”

WHITE bean burger – now that’s fun and different! This recipes meets my all-star recipe criteria once again – inexpensive ingredients, simple preparation, and easy to alter and adapt in new recipes.

Blog | Facebook | Pinterest 

Best Original Recipes Nominees:

Lindsey | Dolly and Oatmeal

“as i got older and my food intolerances became more pronounced, i grew increasingly aware of the relationship between my body and what i was putting into it. as a result, i cut out gluten and dairy and my blog reflects that in most cases…  in the end, my focus in life and on this blog, is to eat and cook as clean as i can, while making use of fresh and seasonal ingredients.”

My Favorite Pin So Far: “Za’atar Spiced Chickpea Crackers w/ Maldon Sea Salt”

Another wonderful, gluten free cracker option! I’m a big fan of za’atar spicing so I really like this one.  It’s pictured here with hummus, but I can see these babies being fantastic scooping up fatoush or tabbouli salad or for dipping in cucumber sauce or a yummy Indian curry of some sort!

Blog | Facebook | Pinterest

Heather | Flourishing Foodie

“In addition to writing this blog, I am also a Registered Dietitian. I enjoy eating healthy 80% of the time, and am quite happy indulging the rest… I subscribe to the principles of mindful eating and am much happier for it. I stick to fresh local ingredients, and try to cook things that require minimal effort. In part because I am lazy, but also because I love food in its most natural form. I am what you call a Pescetarian, someone who is vegetarian and also eats seafood.”

My Favorite Pin So Far: “Tortilla de Patatos w/ Butter Tomato Sauce”

‘Now WHAT on earth is that delicious-looking, exotic-sounding thing?’ What can I say? I’m a sucker for the new and unusual! Investigating further though, the main components of the dish – potatoes suspended in fluffy omelet-like eggs – were entirely familiar, though they definitely looked different than I was used to serving them up weekend mornings. The technique and presentation are the real wow factor here in Heather’s purposefully simple recipe. A glorified hash/omelet hybrid, it’s another great foundational recipe to tweak and play with.

Blog | Facebook | Pinterest

Jackie | The Beeroness

“I cook with beer, not for the novelty of it, but because beer has exceptional and complex flavors that should be explored and celebrated… With a craft beer scene growing stronger every day, I feel extremely grateful to be small part of it. I hope you find a recipe that you fall in love with, or a new beer that you can’t wait to try.”

My Favorite Pin So Far:  “IPA Lemon Bars”

While I happen to be more of a dark beer, porter or stout sort of girl, and I’m not actually that fond of sweets, I’m in love with the idea of using bright, herbal, hoppy IPA alongside citrus here. Um, hello brilliant! This is a flavor combination I seriously can’t wait to try!

Blog | Facebook | Pinterest

Aleksandra | Three Little Halves

“Every family has a heirloom. A jewel, a story, a secret... I have a book of recipes. Compiled by my grandmothers and grandaunts and carefully perfected and written down by my mom. When I decided to cross the ocean forever, I took the book with me. Nothing in the book is really a secret. We were never of a non-sharing kind. The food is to be enjoyed by everyone. The process of making the special foods is to be enjoyed by everyone. Happiness is to be shared.”

My Favorite Pin So Far: “Carrot and Walnut Pesto + Sweet Sundried Tomato Harrissa”

As a confessed condiment addict, I can’t wait to whip up these yummy spreads and try them out in wraps, sandwiches, and atop crackers or crostini! Creative ingredient mashups and versatile usages like this make me very happy.

Blog | Facebook | Pinterest

Best Use of Video Nominees

Yvette & Evangelina| Muy Bueno Cookbook

“We are two sisters and a motherall born and raised in El Paso, Texas. We learned to cook from our grandmother and mother, Jesusita, whose hospitality and irresistible Mexican recipes were legendary among family and friends. We wrote our cookbook to celebrate and preserve our family’s special culinary heritage.”

My Favorite Pin So Far: “Sopes”

As a pescatarian, my pick of Muy Bueno’s recipe is unfortunately somewhat limited, however sopes are a fun and different Mexican specialty that can be filled with anything I like AND they’re even gluten-free. Win!

Blog | Facebook | Pinterest

Emma | Poires au Chocolat

Poires au Chocolat is named after the Pear and Chocolate Loaf Cake that I tested back in 2009. It was the first recipe I created from scratch that gave me that dancing-around-the-kitchen eureka feeling. We also used to eat freshly chopped pears with melted chocolate poured over the top a lot when I was a child - the combination is one of my favourites.”

My Favorite Pin So Far: “Lemon Posset”

Poires au Chocolate is mainly a baking blog and as I’ve mentioned before, I’m not much of a sweets person. However, this lemon posset is pretty, simple, and inexpensive to make while sticking to that sweet-but-not-aggressively-so territory I like. Yum!

Blog | Facebook | Pinterest

Best New Blog Nominee

Cynthia | Two Red Bowls

“I live in Brooklyn and work in a big ol’ firm in Manhattan, where I can usually be found knocking over file folders, getting lost in the mailroom, and saying “Oh God, I’m sorry!” about twice a minute.  I am a marginally more experienced cook and small-batch baker for myself and Bowl #2, my good-humored taste-tester and beloved boyfriend, who eats both my culinary successes and failures with dignity and aplomb.  I love Korean food and anything that can be made mini, so please expect a lot of both.  And everything in between.”

My Favorite Pin So Far: “Mak (Easy) Kimchi”

If you’ve never tried fermenting, curing, or aging something, you’ll probably be surprised to hear that it’s actually really easy and fun. Besides - it makes you feel a little like a genius. I love DIY food projects like this - and if I get kim chi at the end? Yummy Asian food? Yes, please!

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Best Special Diets Nominee

Julia| Sassy Kitchen

During my late teens and early 20's, I had a variety of undiagnosed digestive problems which led me to relentless experimenting in the kitchen.  I tried so many different dietary restrictions ranging from raw to vegan and now--just gluten-free.  Now, I eat most things, but specifically clean, seasonal foods.  I eat and bake gluten-free, which means I'm forever looking for the best gluten-free version of everything.”

My Favorite Pin So Far: “Forbidden BBQ Shrimp”

I’ve been infatuated with pomegranates from the first time I tried them listening to my teacher read Persephone’s story as a child. Rich, wine-sweet, jewel-like ruby juices suspended by translucent skin – they really are one of the world’s most beautiful and sexy foods. In fact. pomegranates are actually considered an aphrodisiac. And add another known aphrodisiac pairing savory, salty shrimp against that sweet sauce? You’ve got yourself one very alluring date night protein!

Blog | Facebook | Pinterest

Best Baking & Desserts Blog Nominee

Izy | Top with Cinnamon

“Here on my blog (which I started in July 2011), you’ll encounter my experiments of making a multitude of culinary delights – mostly sweet – ranging from the indulgent to the wholesome and hearty. A few of my fave ingredients are bittersweet chocolate, Maldon salt, pecans and maple syrup. That pretty much sums me up.”

My Favorite Post So Far: “High Protein/Low Carb Gluten-Free Breakfast Burrito”

Not so much a sweets girl, and pursuing a gluten free diet, this recipe has a bit of an unfair advantage among a predominantly baking and desserts blog . The fillings are quite simple, but this is a great burrito wrap recipe I can see myself using on a regular basis. My family’s big on enchiladas – maybe I’ll try out this gluten free recipe next time I make them and see what they think!

Blog | Facebook | Pinterest

Best Family Cooking Blog Nominee

Ella | Pure Ella

“My hope through this blog is to remove the confusion what ‘healthy food really is. All recipes here are foods that I eat – it’s great healthy food –  you don’t see the restrictions, you see great delicious healthy foods and that’s what it it’s all about.”

My Favorite Pin So Far: “Capered Creamy Avocado Cucumber Rolls”

A healthy, yummy hors d’oeuvres that looks more elegant and impressive than the 10 minutes it ACTUALLY takes to put them together seems to fairly warrant. Also, once again, an inexpensive and adaptable concept. The creamy avocado could easily be replaced by a number of other spreads and the thin slices of cucumber, might as well be squash, or eggplant! Always love a recipe that can get my own culinary imagination going.

Blog | Facebook | Pinterest

Best Cocktail Blog Nominee

Elana | Stir & Strain

“Stir and Strain is a cocktail scratch pad where your host, Elana, develops and tests cocktails out of a home bar with an emphasis on seasonal, classic, and the occasional Tiki drink thrown in. I’m a believer in making your own bar syrups, garnishes, and bitters, and think you should try your hand at it too. They tend to taste amazingly better.”

My Favorite Post So Far: “The Royal Affliction”

To be honest, mainly for economic reasons, mixology isn’t something I haven’t really gotten into. I’m a cheap date. Give me a rum and coke, and I’m happy. Still, this drink looks pretty freaking cool and definitely appeals to my experimental side. I’m thinking Halloween show-stopper!

Blog | Facebook | Pinterest

EXPERT TIP: Wanna see what I'm pinning? Scam off my foodie obsession and relentless quest for great recipes - follow my Pinterest food board as well!

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  • Awesome list! Thank you!

  • Not a problem! Glad you liked it, Jena! :)

  • Oh my gosh, thanks a million for including me in your gorgeous list! I was so thrilled to see myself among all these lovely ladies. And I love that you like that kimchi!!! Kimchi can always use a little more love, in my opinion :) :) Thanks again, Erin!

  • Cynthia - I think that kim chi may just be my fun food project for this weekend. Can't wait to dip into it - looks amazing! Thanks for doing what you do. Love your blog! :)

  • Thank you so much for including me on this list. GRACIAS!

  • You're so welcome, Yvette. Love your sopes!

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