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[Gastronomics] Fun Cheese Facts

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Stuff that probably nobody really needs to know, but interesting none-the-less. Why not impress your friends with these fun facts over a cheese platter?

Cheesy Dreaming. While working to disprove the myth that cheese causes nightmares, researchers from the British Cheese Board found that cheese actually helped people sleep better, not worse.  Experts hypothesize that this may be due to cheese’s tryptophan content which is actually higher than the content in turkey. Cheddar is 1.29% tryptophan and Parmesan is 1.47%. Turkey is only 1.11%.

The Cheese Diet? While all participants took in the same, healthy amount of calories, those that ate between 3 and 5 servings of dairy daily had the least stomach fat and the lowest blood pressure.

Why Chinese Food is Cheese-less. Largely because cheese eating has a history of association with nomadic invaders, Chinese and East Asian people almost never eat cheese.  Even today, as western culture is eking over in to eastern, most people won’t touch it. All for the better maybe – serious lactose intolerance is prevalent there.

Sighted Cheese. Did you know? The holes in Swiss cheese are called “eyes.”

American Cheeseheads? While Americans produce more cheese than anyone else and have a reputation for indulgence, with 15.1 kg  of cheese consumed per year, the US is actually only number 13 in terms of top cheese consumers! The top cheese consumers are Finland at number five, then Germany, then Greece, then Iceland, and finally, the number one cheese consuming country, France at 26.3 kg.

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