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Don't Jump Through a Window and Light Yourself ON FIRE! — an article on the Smart Living Network
March 23, 2012 at 12:52 PMComments: 5 Faves: 0

Don't Jump Through a Window and Light Yourself ON FIRE!


That's figuratively speaking of course.....well, don't literally do that either, not that you'd actually consider doing that. What am I talking about? you may wonder. I'll enlighten you! As most of my friends know, 'm a food wimp! Seriously, a slightly wrong combination of ingredients will put me on the floor! My girlfriend has made fun of the miniscule amount of food I'm able to consume in comparison to her, and she is super tiny!

When I eat too much or have the wrong combination of pizza with pop, or an energy drink with taffy, I feel like I want to jump through a window (an 118th story window) and light myself on fire on the way down because it would be a better alternative to how I currently feel. SO, with that in mind I've created this amazing list of places that you can find feel-good food with without much thought! 


This one is my absolute favorite! I could eat here as many times as my heart desires, and I never feel like jumping out a window or igniting my clothing afterwards! All the ingredients they use are fresh! They offer options for people that're gluten intolerant, and have tofu for those that prefer less animal in their taco. I personally love their chicken! Mmm....yeah...I just ate there like and hour before writing this blog, and I'm feeling pretty good about myself!


Subway is a super-massive (black hole?) restaurant chain of awesome healthiness! They offer a pretty good variety in their sandwiches and STUFF! A high point of Subway is that you can, probably, find one in any town. It seems that no matter how middle of "nowhere you are," you can find one of those half gas stations, half Subways. A word of caution! They have expensive sandwiches that are covered in cheese and piles of sauces and meat, so you may be tempted. But another awesome thing about Subway is their breakfast! They are one of the only chain that offer the option of a regular egg or egg whites!


WAIT! Don't leave this blog because you think I'm a moron! Let me pitch my case here! I, like most of you, have left Burger King wanting to die from a horrible greasy-fat grossness feeling. BUT! There's a silver lining! Though most of their menu is pretty rough (yet delicious), the breakfast menu holds hope! Unlike McDonalds, Burger King has breakfast sandwiches that taste like they were actually designed to be eaten. I recommend something with ham on it because they aren't greasy at all! But, if you get french toast sticks and a whopper with a large coke, you'll feel like death.


This is my absolute favorite smoothie place! It's sooo much better than Maui Wowie! The things I like about Surf City are the insane amounts of healthy options you can choose and that their smoothies DO NOT have an overwhelming fruity-sugar taste. The protein powder is excellent as well! When added, it makes for a smoothie that sticks with you for a while and satisfies your hunger but doesn't destroy the flavor. And they sell bananas for like 50 cents, and Monster Energy. people.

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  • Muse reference...nice

  • Good blog, Dayton. I figure that there are probably other people out there with the same food-pansy problems you have. This would be a great help to them.

  • I Love Moe's!

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