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Local Foodie Adventures: Three Places Every Food Lover Must Go

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I’m often asked to describe myself and what I do. The answer is always way too long and by the time I get to the part about food, I’ve lost most folks. My new short and sweet answers is, “I’m a foodie adventurer."

I’m not afraid to try anything and love to combine my travels with food. The latest adventure was a trip to Mexico where I tried street food with a reckless abandon. I loved going to the open air markets and eating what the locals eat. My favorite? Shaved beef tacos from a vendor that was literally fire roasting a leg of beef on the side of the street with some sort of homemade rotisserie. The tortillas were cooked on the spot and the salsa was as fresh as it gets!

However, you don't need tickets to have a food adventure! There are plenty to be had right in your home town! Here are just a few idea to get you started.

Foodie Adventure Spot: Asian Markets

What I Found: Unbelievably Fresh Sushi, Fish, Oils, An Incredible Sweet Chilli Sauce.

Last week I visited an Asian market in a somewhat sketchy part of town - well worth the risk though, because I was offered a sample of sushi the purveyor just happened to be rolling at the time. It blew me away! I couldn’t believe there could be such fresh and delicious sushi in my town.

The store was randomly organized. There were rows of fish and soy sauce as well as oils of all types. One bottle that caught my eye had a red gooey looking substance in it. I had no idea what it was because the writing on it was in Chinese. When I asked the store owner she just smiled and said “you will like”. So I bought it!

She was right. I love it!

I’ve since figured out it was sweet chili sauce, a hot sweet syrupy sauce that is great for dipping egg rolls, dumplings or pot stickers in. The flavor is so addicting that I created several recipes that are not straight up Asian but rather fusion {a mix of several culinary styles). For example my salmon burger or my Asian-style salad.

Foodie Adventure Spot: Greek Markets

What I Found:  The Most Delectable Feta Ever, Cow and Goat Milk, Lemony Hummus, Leg of Lamb, The Best Olive Oil I've Found Outside Of Italy!

Another interesting find was a little Mediterranean market I found wedged in-between a laundry mat and a bike store. Not the most organized store. As you walk in there are pallets of bread next to a magazine rack that displayed past issues of Greek News and a pile of lavash displayed in a rust grocery cart. You have to keep an open mind when you visit these sorts of businesses. Remember, many of them are run by folks who come from different countries, cultures and have different standards. If you want to have a true foodie adventure you need to look past the disorganized shelves and rusty grocery carts.

What I found here was the most delectable feta cheese ever, French, Greek, cow’s milk and goat milk. They hand make their humus and will butcher a leg of lamb to spec. Plus the olive oil is the best tasting I have had since a visit to Italy. The prices were incredibly reasonable.

My daughters loved the hummus so much that one year I put it in their stockings for Christmas. I have since tried to duplicate their hummus and have come very close with this lemon based concoction.

Foodie Adventure Spot: Fish Farm

What I Found: Fresh, Local, Organic Fish Raised Ethically and Tasting Incredible.

Lastly, I will share with you my adventure at a trout farm not far from my home.

Fish is always better when it’s fresh and catching your own is the truest way to guarantee its freshness! The trout farm I visited sells mainly to the local restaurants and small food markets. They raise their fish in large ponds and concrete pools. The water is cycled through a spring fed stream and all the feed is organic and natural. There are different ponds for each size and life stage of the fish. They even have an indoor pool that is designed to rear the eggs to minnows and protect them from birds and other predators before they are released into the bigger outdoor ponds.

I tried my hand at wetting a line and catching one of these bad boys. What a looser am I? I couldn’t catch a darn thing in this pond teaming with fish the size of my arm! In the end, I gave in and let the owner handle one for me and I served it up that night for dinner.

There is something so gratifying about learning where your food comes from and participating in the catch! It makes me feel like I earned it and have the right to enjoy a tasty delicious stuffed trout wrapped in prosciutto.

Tell Me About YOUR Foodie Adventures!

There are plenty of foodie finds in every community. It just takes an open mind and the ability to look under rocks. Now please - share some of your food adventures in your town.

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1 Comment

  • I'm a pretty adventurous eater myself. I love to try new foods. I often pick up ingredients from the grocery store without really being sure what I'm going to with them. They just seem interesting so I decide I'll figure out some way to use them. I just picked up some rhubarb that I'm determined to find some savory recipe for. The only way I've ever had it is in pie and jam with strawberries, but I figure it will work with anything lemon and celery pair well with.

    Outside my home the strangest things I've tried are all kind of sushi, caviar, escargot, oysters on the half shell, venison, buffalo, ostrich and crocodile.

    I'm also a forager. I've tried several types of mushrooms I found in my woods, wild berries, wild asparagus, stinging nettle, watercress even this algae stuff I found. I decide it's edible with a little taste test. I've read that there are very few things that will poison you to death, and those that do taste so horrible you would probably never willing eat enough to poison you. I also look to see if something else has been eating the same plants. I take that as a good sign. *shrug* :)

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