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Dark chocolate avocado pudding? Absolutely.

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As I sat pondering the delicious possibilities I could create from the three plump avocados ripening moment by moment on the granite counter top, I, of course, continued to scroll along on my iPad. Some may call it fate, others mere coincidence, but whatever you call it, as soon as I hopped onto Instagram I stumbled upon my avocado destination – dessert.

@Fit_Healthy_Mumma had just posted her own chocolate avocado pudding and claimed it to be as delicious as it looked, so I thought why not? I like the sweet creamy texture of avocados, love dark chocolate, and certainly appreciate the heart healthy benefits of both. Sounds like an idyllic treat.

While the dessert was absolutely decadent, what was even better was just how EASY it was to whip up. All it took was scooping out the green goodness of the avocado and mixing it together with a couple of tablespoons of dark cocoa powder (at least 80% cocoa) and one or two teaspoons of honey. Nom, nom, give me some. I spooned ours into a couple of wine glasses to amp up the appeal and served them to my family. It received rave reviews from all, and I hope your family feels the same.


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