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"The Daredevil" Cooking Personilty: Curry Beef Soba with Asparagus


If you follow my blog you may remember one of the first in which I described the 7 cooking personalities:

Due to its popularity and many requests, I have decided to offer a series of blogs written for each personality! This week I’m going to cover the Daredevil.

Are you the type that doesn't like to follow culinary convention? Do you eat your food spicy or jump at the chance to try frog legs? How about trying your hand with a blowtorch to char peppers or cooking in the nude? Ever put something in the microwave and said, “I wonder what would happen if I….?” Wondered how a pig's tail or snake meat would taste?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you’re probably the very definition of what I call, a “Daredevil Cook!”

How to Spot Them:

These Kamikazes come in the following tell-tale varieties

  • The lunatic in the hatchback swerving to the shoulder to pass a traffic jam
  • The student with the crazy hair and neck tattoos
  • The co-worker who’s always jet setting to exotic locales you’ve never heard of
  • The contrarian that believes in doing the polar opposite of what everyone else does

They’re not afraid of hot, spicy food. They’re not afraid of strange ingredients like alligator, snails, organ meats, or cuts of raw fish. And they’re not afraid to attempt any recipe or use any cooking tool out there. They are unashamed, even boastful, at times, but that’s what makes them so much fun!

That’s Me to a “T"

Outside of cooking in the nude, Daredevil cookery no doubt defines my style. Cooking is just another outlet for me to break the rules and experiment with new and different ideas, methods, and ingredients. For me, cookbooks are merely a source of inspiration with directions and ingredients that are meant to be changed.

I don’t think I’ve ever strictly followed a recipe in my life. My vacations are usually predicated on what sort of weird foods I can find and if I’ll be able to smuggle it back in my luggage! 

Cooking as Adventure:

Where would the excitement be if you knew exactly how things were going to turn out? Part of the fun for the Daredevil Cook is the mystery of the unknown and unexpected results! Cooking is just another excuse for adventure! In fact, some of the best recipes I’ve created were by sheer accident.

For example, a peach tart once fell apart on my counter, but I saved it by scooping it into a small bowl, topping it with vanilla gelato, and giving it a catchy name, “Sue’s Inverted Peach Tart.” I’ve been asked to recreate this delicious mess many times, and I think it will be a Thanksgiving dessert this year!

The Challenge:

One downfall of this personality is that Daredevils Cooks are often unrealistic about what can actually be accomplished (I once tried to make my own sausage, which resulted in nothing more than a heap of ground pork and pig intestines). We daredevils often bite off more than we can chew.

Another challenge is that we tend to leap before we look – like the time I ate an entire habenero chili pepper before asking, “Is this hot?”

Finally, the biggest hurdle for any Daredevil is the acceptance of defeat, admitting that, even with all my knowledge and experience, I occasionally screw up. Yes, I did put salt in the crepes instead of sugar and yes, it tasted like “crepe!”

The Benefits:

The advantage to having a Daredevil personality in the kitchen is the ability to create some amazing combinations and flavors that can surprise even the most uptight, rule-following cynics. A Daredevil always cooks with question, but rarely with caution. The general thought process is, “Hmm… is this recipe correct? I wonder if I did this if it would turn out better?” This sort of experimentation almost always yields delicious results, and I find myself saying, in my not-so-humble way, “These recipes are the Bomb!”

If you doubt what I’ve written, try the following recipes yourself, and feel free to change them however you’d like…I dare ya!

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