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November 18, 2013 at 8:39 AMComments: 1 Faves: 0

3 Healthy (And Delicious!) Champion-Level Breakfasts

By Dayton from SLN More Blogs by This Author

Breakfast is awesome. Haters gonna hate, saying that it’s not necessary or that it’s too time consuming. Not eating for 10 hours and then deciding to continue to not eat is a poor choice in my mind because it’s a stupid idea to starve yourself. When I eat breakfast, I am much less angry than on a non-breakfast day. I also don’t feel like I need to pass out, so that’s always good. This may not be entirely true for you, but when I start my day off with some awesome breakfast, it exponentially increases the chance of an awesome day! Everything is amazing, and all I want to do is sing and dance!

Because I am such a kind person, I have compiled a short list of breakfasts that will transform your life from a pile of rotting feces to a luscious river of peace!

Bagel Sammich

Delicious Bagel + Exotic Cheese + Sliced Meat + Egg Whites

A classic breakfast staple that has been the fuel for countless New Yorkers for decades, the breakfast bagel sammich is ideal for the on-the-go person in the morning. This breakfast concoction is very basic at its core, but stunningly delicious! Although one could simply use a plain bagel, a slice of American cheese, and some turkey, I like to be a little more creative! For the bagel, I love getting the huge soft bagels from a local bakery. (My favorites are the rye and honey wheat bagels, but find what you think is good!) For the cheese, there are limitless options! My go-to is semi-soft Babybel cheese, but I’ve used others before.

To quickly prepare this sandwich, make the first step toasting the bagel, everything else comes second. Instead of cooking the egg white in a pan (which takes forever), use a microwavable egg cooker! In less than a minute, the eggs will be fully cooked and ready to eat. For maximum quickness and deliciousness, heat the cheese and the meat together in the microwave as well, then the sammich can be assembled and ready for the drive to work.

Yogurt and Awesome

Greek Yogurt + Raw Almonds + Hippie Tree-Hugger Cereal + Fruit

Greek yogurt is amazing. I love it. This breakfast is much quicker than the previous suggestion and is exceptionally high in protein. The beauty is found not only in the health benefits and flavor of this wonderful meal but also the simplicity. Take your favorite Greek yogurt (I really like the strawberry and pineapple by Chobani), and put it in a red solo cup with all the other ingredients. Now it’s portable too! For the cereal, I always use some type of whole-grain clustery variety. When mixed with the almonds, it gives the yogurt a good crunch, and the additional fruit adds more health benefits with an extra flavor boost!

Epic Panini’s

Panini Bread + Sliced Meat + Amazing Cheese + Butter + Fresh Spinach + Eggs

My absolute favorite in the breakfast sandwich variety is a good Panini. Though it takes an incredible amount of time to prepare, that's time well spent. Start by pre-heating a skillet, or even better a Panini grill, and cooking the eggs. After the skillet/grill is heated and the eggs thoroughly cooked, assemble the Panini and butter the outside of the bread. Cook until it is golden brown and the cheese is all melty and wonderful on the inside. If you are in a really fun mood, drink it with some Amaretto and orange juice!

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  • I agree breakfast is so good and great for you! I like to include some cottage cheese sometimes, it is a good source of protein.

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