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Best Bakeries in the Heart of India

By Nicky Bella More Blogs by This Author

Delhi is home to quite a lot of bakeries or cake shops which surely stand up to your expectations. Every shop is defined by its specialty which makes it unique as compared to others. Along with each of the sweet delicacies offered, some of these bakeries tend to even woo you with its type of establishments. From old, archaic architecture to modern, jaunty decor, these bakeries have ruled and are even continuously ruling in the hearts of many, since ages. So, welcome to the land of mouth-watering wonders where every foody soul has got something reserved for him/her.

  • Ever Bake, Shalimar Bagh - Be it on any special occasion, people in Northwestern Delhi tend to reach out for this popular confectionery store for its wide variety of cakes, cookies, and fast food items. From providing cakes home delivery in Delhi to offering various traditional Indian food, this bakery makes it easier on every foodies bucket list.
  • Sweet & Crusty - Consisting of a lip-smacking menu and cosy decor, this cafe situated inside a posh hotel is what you need to try out! Ideal for short meetups, the cake offers some of the toothsome cake and muffin options. This delectable bakery makes it perfect to enjoy small catch up sessions over some delightful, sinful offerings.
  • LOpera - If you are looking for the best patisserie, then stop your search right away and try this place out! Having a french feel, this bakery deals in authentic french pastries, while adhering to the standards of food perfection. For expressing any kind of feeling, Lopera makes sure to create an incredible impression with its flavoursome gift boxes and other tasty treats.
  • Wengers Bakery - Having certain kind of resemblance with the Honeydukes (the famous bakery shown in the Harry Potter series), this is one of our finest and the oldest treasure hidden in the heart of the city. Dealing with a variety of freshly baked products, this bakery is one of the premier Swiss bakeries established in the city. This 75 years old bakery is absolutely a delight for relishing a fulfilling meal as well as for trying out some knick-knacks.
  • Elmas Brasserie - While Britishers are known for their royal taste, they left a part of their royalness in terms of this bakery. Having an old school vibe and decor, Elmas Brasserie is an ideal place for enjoying a cup of tea or coffee in a peaceful, calming corner of the city. Its gracious menu ensures that this beautiful place is not skipped from anyones eyes.
  • Maxims - Located in Kailash Colony, this cafe immediately attracts all the sweet-tooths with its hearty aroma of freshly baked cakes, pastries, veg, and non-veg savouries. Maxims is one of the got-to bakery places for every Delhite because of its best black forest and chocolate truffle cakes on a pretty nominal budget.

These are a few shortlisted gems, that are popular among various foodie triangles. Try these bakeries out and undoubtedly, these are going to leave you spellbound.

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