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Are Diet Shakes Good For You? — an article on the Smart Living Network
December 7, 2007 at 8:31 PMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Are Diet Shakes Good For You?


Well, they sure are easy. And fast. And convenient. But are they good for you? It's important to think about what it takes to incorporate diet shakes into your daily routine. While it's easy and fast to drink a shake on the way to work, or at your desk for lunch, think about how feasible it is for you to do that every day for a few months or a year. How many times can you switch from vanilla to chocolate to cappuccino to strawberry and back again before you get tired of your options?

Liquid Meal Replacement

A nice name for the diet shake, liquid meal replacements have been shown to be very effective for those wishing to lose weight. They're a great way to jump into losing weight and are quick to show results. But remember, to lose weight you must burn more calories than you consume. So if your job involves sitting at a desk for most of the day, consider your eating and exercise habits to see if shakes will work for you.

Give a Girl a Fish

Learning to manage and control your food content and intake is a great skill that will carry you through life. By taking charge over the food you eat you are taking control over what you decide to put into your own body. Learning to create fun and quick meals that will satisfy all your cravings without the calories is a skill and talent few people have. It's so easy to acquire! Get a cook book, take a class, make dinner with a friend and in no time you'll be a pro in the kitchen. There's no need to omit the shakes entirely, keep some on hand all the time in case you miss a meal. Just don't rely on them. Rely on yourself. Have a shake for breakfast, supplement it with a little snack before a lunch you'se made for work, then go home and whip up a quick dinner.

Your Eating Habits

Follow your eating habits over the course of a week. Do you have a tendency to munch on chips at work, or grab a snack every time you get gas? If you eat out of boredom or because the food is right there, a diet shake won't help you a bit. But, with the help of some healthy snack on hand, a diet shake might just be the perfect thing for you.

Whatever you do, think of two things:

  • Use liquid meals as supplements, an occasional alternative to a meal.
  • Food is fun! It's exciting and once cooking is a habit, you'll be amazed at all you missed out on.


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