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About Gastronomics

From the Gastronomics Blog Series

gas tron-o-my : 1.The art or science of good eating, 2. Culinary customs or style

Is “foodie” a genetic condition? I feel like it must be. My grandparents owned a butcher shop and provided me with my introduction to southern traditional cooking - black-eyed peas, collard greens, corn bread, and creamy grits in the morning. My aunt owns a delicatessen that’s been featured on Food Network, customed and recommended by Art Smith, and is supplied by the produce she and my uncle grow on her farm. Her brother, my father, works professionally in IT, but is a great cook in his own right. Strange kid that I was, I ate up every bite of spinach, asparagus, oyster, and ect. he offered my way. I was and continue to this day to be a proudly tolerant eater. There is almost nothing I don’t like cooked one way or another. I just really love food.

When I manage to get ready early, the morning treat I give myself is a little No Reservations. My fun, light reading is Food and Wine, Saveur, and Bon Appetite. I take notes watching Iron Chef, catch The Splendid Table radio show on the weekend, and when my fiancé (ahem, a cook) asked me what I wanted for my birthday last weekend, I had my answer ready, “Really. Good. Food.”

While I’m not a culinary student and I don’t pretend to be an expert chef, I think I have all the makings of a great cook:

  • a knack for flavors,
  • a love of experimentation,
  • a refusal to be intimidated by any recipe
  • a love of food,
  • and a desire to learn more about it.

Are you the same way?

Then join me, my fearless foodie friend, for a celebration and exploration of food, each week Monday on Gastronomics!

What to Expect: The Gastronomics Calendar

1st Monday of the Month: Trend Spotting

Devouring the offerings of the big food magazines and serving up the bonds that link them. Stay informed on the latest food trends and take a stab at them in your kitchen with me.

2nd Monday of the Month: Ingredient Spotlight

A closer look at the building blocks of a great meal. Flavor profiles, selections tips, nutritional analyses, recipes and more.

3rd Monday of the Month: Cuisine Spotlight 

One of the most exciting developments in food is in the globalization of food. Each month, we’ll be exploring a new region’s cuisine and food traditions.

4th Monday of the Month: Product Review

My favorite food and kitchen tool finds. Let me try it before you buy it.

In Context: This Gastronaut's Stats

TASTES: A savory foods gal. Salty, fatty goodness…. *salivate* If you’re looking for a pastry or desert blog, you may be disappointed.

LIMITATIONS: Possible lactose or gluten intolerance. I’ll avoid those things if I can do it without hurting the dish, but I’m willing to suffer for my favorite foods. :p

DIET: Pescatarian. I love meat, but I only eat fish.Sorry, carnivores!I’m a conscientious objector. While I have NO problem talking muscle proteins and I know firsthand how good they taste, you won’t see beef, or pork, or poultry recipes from me.  However, I’m not here to preach or serve bland, tasteless, or scary cardboard food either.  My goal is to make pesca-friendly foods so good, you won’t miss the meat.

My Stats

<3 LOVES: Pasta, Brie, Salmon, Most Anything Pickled, Eggs, Avocado, Herbs, Spinach Soufflee, Sour Patch Kids

:/...NO, THANK YOU, PLEASE:Brussels Sprouts, American Cheese, Miracle Whip, Jello salad … there seriously isn't  much I don’t like!

'Till next Monday, Gastronauts!


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  • Killer first blog, Erin! I can't wait to see what's in store with Gastronomics! :D

    But do you seriously not like Brussels sprouts??

  • Haha! I HAVE actually had them prepared in a way I liked them before, but generally? No. I think they taste like spoiled broccoli flavored cabbage. :P

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